About the 1BestariNet Project

The 1BestariNet project is an effort to connect over 10,000 government schools across Malaysia to the Internet with our YES 4G connectivity
and to provide an online learning platform with the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) that is simple, fun, and engaging. Malaysia is the first country in the world
to connect all its schools on a single learning platform. To date, we serve over 10,000,000 people - 5,000,000 students, 500,000 teachers and 4,500,000 parents.

About the Frog VLE

As part of the 1BestariNet project, schools all across Malaysia are provided with the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), free of charge.
The Frog VLE is an easy-to-use learning platform and a gateway to a plethora of educational resources and cool apps from around the web.

FrogAsia and the Malaysian Education Blueprint

Malaysia is looking toward the future. To implement 21st-century teaching and learning, Malaysia’s current education system has its goals set in
the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013 - 2025. Through the 1BestariNet project, FrogAsia’s goals are particularly focused on equal access,
upscaling quality and partnerships.

Provide equal access to quality education of an international standard

Through the Frog VLE, we bridge the digital divide for students and teachers and enable access to quality knowledge and learning all across Malaysia.

Leverage ICT to scale up quality learning across Malaysia

By providing support and integration training to schools, we create an environment where teachers and students are inspired to power their teaching and learning outcomes with technology.

Partner with parents, community and private partners at scale

We value our synergy with teachers, educators, friends and collaborators in the education field. With our initiatives, we connect with the right people and build momentum with them to bring change to classrooms.