Hello! We are FrogAsia!

We are a team of passionate people on a mission to connect over 10,000 government schools across Malaysia, bringing 10 million teachers, students and parents together through a single cloud-based learning platform. Everyday, we are working towards transforming education through technology and playing our part in empowering teachers, students and parents to be Gamechangers in Education.


What matters to us most is that we want to make a difference, and we believe that it starts from us. At FrogAsia we’re able to do this through the work that we do.


What we do

We have a vision, one where every child has equal access to quality 21st Century education anytime, anywhere and on any device regardless of background or location. We provide products and services that are focused on enabling teachers, students, parents and education partners to come together to provide a child with the best education possible.

Bridging the education divide by bridging the digital divide.


With single platform access to over 10,000 schools, our virtual learning environment levels the playing field.
When there is access to information and technology without physical limitations and boundaries,
the real work can begin towards achieving the very best in the learning process.

Reimagining education by integrating technology into
teaching and learning to create better outcomes.


We work hand in hand with local educators and organisations to reimagine education
by integrating technology into teaching and learning. Through the creation of communities, sharing of best practices,
all of our training, workshops, events and programmes,we seek to transform the mindsets
that lead to a change in teaching and learning outcomes.

Why we do what we do

We do what we do because we care about the communities in Malaysia and the world we live in. We aim to make a difference by challenging the status quo to build a future generation that cares and empowering them so that they can adapt and thrive through constant change.



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