Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response: Learn from Home

Together with YTL Foundation and Yes, FrogAsia is providing free mobile data and online learning materials to all students and teachers registered in Malaysian government schools to learn from home. We also need your help to nominate students in need from B40 families to get free phones with data so they can continue learning from home. Alongside this, we’re running webinars and programmes to support teachers as they teach from home.


Free Learning Materials

Free Data

Free Phones for B40 Families


Free Learning Materials

Lessons on FrogSchool

With FrogSchool, access free online lessons and revision quizzes to learn from home.

 Free lessons from Kindergarten to Form 5

 Videos, notes, activities and quizzes, all in one place

 Engaging and curriculum aligned


Revision Quizzes on FrogPlay Mobile

To support students to learn from home, access to the FrogPlay Mobile App is free.

With an ever-growing bank of quiz questions, there are over 13,500 quizzes waiting for you to use!

Quizzes cover SK, SMK, SJKC & SJKT subjects. Download the FrogPlay Mobile app now on your phones or tablets!

Free Data


We will be providing parents 4G prepaid SIM cards with a
40GB data plan for kids to learn from home.


To help teachers with teaching and learning online,we will be
providing teachers free 4G prepaid SIM cards with 2GB/month.

Free Phones for B40 Families



Learning from home cannot be a reality for some because they have no access to devices. We want to help.

We’re giving out free phones with 120GB worth of data (10GB/month for 12 months) to students from B40 families so they can learn from home. 

Know of students who are unable to continue learning from home because they don’t have a device?




Join us as we host webinars with teachers to support other teachers on their journey of teaching and learning from home.

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