Malaysians can now learn anywhere, anytime

In Malaysia, the Frog VLE is available to all 10,000 schools in the country through the 1BestariNet project. It is an award-winning, cloud-based virtual learning environment that has been designed by Frog Education to simplify and enhance teaching and learning, communication and administration. With experience in the market for nearly 15 years the Frog VLE is not just used in Malaysia, but is also being used worldwide in 23 countries, in over 12,000 schools, and more than 20 million users within a community of teachers and learners.


Teachers can use the Frog VLE to teach their lessons, give homework, and keep track of student performance virtually. School Administrators can manage school calendars and create school notices via the Frog VLE.


Students can access the Frog VLE to obtain learning and revision material anytime, anywhere. They can also complete and submit homework assigned by their teachers as well as collaborate with each other.


Through the Frog VLE, busy parents can find out what's happening in their children's school through the school noticeboard. What's more, they can also be updated with their children's academic progress.

The FrogVLE is powerful and easy to use

A variety of useful Widgets

Teachers create lesson "Sites" in the Frog VLE and fill it with selection of widgets that perform a variety of functions. Over 29 widgets are available in the Frog VLE, with functions like video playing, file downloading, student discussions and more!

Drag and drop lesson site builder

Building a lesson site with the Frog VLE is like playing with Lego blocks. Using drag and drop actions and a variety of available widgets, teachers can quickly build attractive sites that are rich with content and easy for students as well as other teachers to use.

Anytime, anywhere collaboration

Because the Frog VLE is integrated into a cloud-based network, you can access it at any location with Internet. Collaborate with teachers in your school and outside of your school easily!

Beyond just delivering lessons

Schools can use administrative tools in the Frog VLE to better manage administration, extra co-curricular bodies or clubs can create Sites that their members can contribute too and teachers can use Sites for school competitions. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to use teaching and learning content

Curriculum mapped to syllabus

Help students achieve more

Teach and learn in a fun way with Sites

With many tools and functions to support schools and teachers in many ways

Find out how the Frog VLE's content,tools and resources can help you in your education journey!

Build lessons, administration
and co-curricular content Sites

Store, organise and
use all of your content online

Manage the day to day
activities of your school on one network

Easily assess how your

students are doing

Monitor usage and performance
of your class and students

Connect with all students and teachers
within and across schools

Customise the look and feel

of the FrogVLE to suit your style!

Get great content and
material online on our FrogStore

Assign revision material to your students

that they can do, anytime anywhere

Fun and challenging quizzes
to test understanding and retention

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