Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Ladang Lanchang is an estate school located in the Temerloh district of Pahang. Previously, the school was only using VSAT connectivity and had a lot of issues with the computer lab facilities. The school recently moved to a new building and has been upgraded to 4G connectivity. Since then, the school has been recognised on a national level for best utilisation of VSAT technology and best utilisation of the VLE in teaching and learning.


The school started its journey with Frog when  ICT admin, Cikgu Norazliza, initiated for Frog to be cultivated into the school’s culture and received support from the Headteacher. She is very creative in utilising Frog and receives a lot of technical support from the PKG. With the consistent proactiveness, the school received recognition for the best use of the Frog VLE in the district.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

 Student Progress

The implementation of Frog in teaching and learning has helped students develop communication and collaboration with another. Students started helping each other and explored the use of Frog VLE widgets like drop file for project based learning.


A tool for teacher to teach better

By using the Frog VLE, teachers find it more convenient to prepare and conduct lessons using Sites. Assigning homework to students have also become more convenient with Frog.


Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement

Parents are more connected with what is happening in school

To encourage parents to stay connected to their children’s education, the school introduced FrogPlay to parents and taught them how to use the FrogPlay Mobile app to view reports on students’ progress. Parents have become supportive of FrogPlay and even installed the FrogPlay Mobile app on home devices to encourage students to do revision after school. Not only that, parents have also shown support by sending food and providing transport to students who would stayback in school to do their revision on FrogPlay.

“Students are so eager to learn with Frog, especially with FrogPlay. Students would stayback during FrogPlay Championship to complete quizzes and play games. They even started exploring Google Hangout and having communicating more with one another. With Frog, teaching and learning is definitely more fun.”

- Cikgu Norazliza, Frog Admin.

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