Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Ladang Malakoff is an estate school located in the Seberang Perai Utara district of Penang. The surroundings are going through development and the district is now considered a small town area. The school has less than a hundred students and only a handful of teachers, but has achieved recognition from the district education office for active and consistent use of Frog in teaching and learning.


The school only recently started using Frog this year when the admin teacher, Mr Puspanathan, was transferred to the school. Mr Puspanathan took upon himself the responsibility to change the community’s mindset towards 21st century education and initiated a plan to implement Frog. With the support of the Headmaster, the school is now fully utilising Frog. To ensure that Frog is successfully cultivated into the school’s culture, the Headmaster encourages teachers and students to go to the computer to use Frog everyday from 7.40am to 10.00am.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

To encourage students to use Frog, the school practices an open-door policy where students can go use the computer lab to finish up their assignments, especially for students who do not have devices or internet access at home.


Student Engagement

Before Frog, students were not showing much interest in learning with technology. But after being introduced to Frog, students were excited to learn with Frog, especially through the interactive gamified learning on FrogPlay.


Student Progress

Students also started becoming more independent in learning and doing revision. They took initiative to login to the Frog VLE and saved notes into their own dashboard. Not only that, they also took time to do their own revision by completing quizzes on FrogPlay.


Frog is making a difference in Administration

Increase Efficiency

The school utilises Frog as a platform for administration by embedding applications and sharing links that teachers use daily. This encourages teachers to login to Frog to access information. Through Frog, teachers are also able to monitor students progress and are more efficient with reduced preparation time and workload.

“The Frog VLE is a one-stop center for communication and collaboration between teachers, students and parents. It has definitely made communicating with one another easier, effective and efficient.”

- Mr Devendran Padavattan, Headmaster.



"Frog VLE has improved teachers’ teaching skills and developed better teacher-student relationships. It is also a great platform for Malaysian teachers to communicate and share new and innovative ideas on teaching."

- All teachers of SJK(T) Ladang Malakoff.


“Frog gives great opportunities to learn in a fun way and I can easily do assignments and explore a lot of things.”

- Hirthik Harikrishna and Limeetha Sai Arunasalam, Year 4 students.


“The Frog VLE is a fantastic tool to be used for teaching and learning, and it has eased the journey of 21st Century education for the entire school community.”

- Mr Puspanathan Subramaniam, Frog Admin.


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