Sekolah Kebangsaan Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia is a school situated inside the campus of Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia in Perlis, with 347 students and 31 teachers. The school has a Frog Classroom and the Headmistress is a Gold Advocate. The school kicked-start its journey with Frog in 2017 when the Headmistress became aware of Frog after joining the Frog Advocate Programme. Since then, she has driven the implementation of Frog in her school and encouraged teachers to utilise Frog in teaching and learning.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student Engagement

Through Frog, teachers find that they are able to engage students better in class. Teachers use Frog to create and share content with students for references. Students are showing great interest in subjects that they were not inclined to learn through the use of gamified learning on FrogPlay.


Frog is making a difference in Administration

Decrease Workload

Teachers find that workload is reduced by being able to monitor and mark assignments online through Frog. This also takes off pressure from teachers to complete administrative work and thus, making teaching and learning more fun. Besides that, the school also uses online forms to save time and reduce double work.


Increase Efficiency

The school’s dashboard is always up-to-date with notices and announcements that is shared by the admin and is easily accessible by teachers and students.

“The interactivity of Sites on Frog is great in engaging students.”

- Puan Nor Sharmila binti Shaari, Headmistress.

“There are many benefits of Frog once we’ve learnt how to utilise it. I also love the many quizzes on FrogPlay.”

- Mohamad Alif bin Abdul Latif.

“I like using FrogPlay! I get to do quizzes and play games at the same time.”

- Muhammad Afiffuddin bin Mohd Abdul Rahim, Year 3 student.

Posted in Perlis.