Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampong Serdang is a rural school located in Perlis. The school has 408 students and 32 teachers. Since 2013, the school has been consistently using Frog. The success of Frog in the school is driven by the Headmaster, Encik Mohd Nadzari bin Baharom, who is very interested in ICT and very committed in adapting Frog into the school’s culture.


Encik Nadzari always encourage teachers to utilise the computer lab and conduct lessons with Frog. He also encourage replacement classes be conducted in the computer lab as well to cultivate a continuous use of Frog. Since the introduction of Frog into the school, the Headmaster has seen how Frog has helped ease the teaching and learning process and attract students to try something new.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student Engagement

Teachers are using FrogPlay quizzes to engage students during class and find that students are showing great interest to learn. As the school is a rural school, students have not been exposed much to using technology in teaching and learning. Thus, with gamified learning, students have become very excited in class and are diligently completing quizzes on FrogPlay.


“The Frog VLE is a very versatile tool and has eased the administration by being a platform to effectively share and access information.”

- Encik Mohd Nadzari bin Baharom, Headmaster

“Frog has given teachers a more convenient method to prepare lessons. Not only that, teachers are able to engage students better in class with interactive content that can be embedded on Sites.”

- Encik Muhamad Akmal bin Omar, Frog Admin.

“It is very fun and easy to learn with Frog rather than using textbooks. I’m also able to find and access information easily through Frog to complete my assignments.”

- Nur Izzatul Sofiya binti Zahalan, Year 5 student

Posted in Perlis.