Sekolah Kebangsaan Kayang is a rural school in Perlis with 657 students and 59 teachers. The school has many successes and achievements on a national level in academic and sports.  SK Kayang started using Frog in 2013 and is a Frog Hub school with a Frog Classroom. Headmistress Puan Noridah, is a Gold Advocate and received a special appreciation award in the 1BestariNet Teacher Awards 2017. The school was also recognised for best school dashboard and most active and consistent use of Frog in Perlis in 2017.


Puan Noridah has been a great driving force in school and has led by example to encourage teachers and students to use Frog. She has started various initiatives to get Frog up and running in the school such as holding Site building competitions between classes and sometimes even with other schools. With support from Frog Admin Puan Hamidah, the school is able to cultivate Frog in the school culture not only in teaching and learning, but in administration as well.



Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student Engagement

The school encourages Frog to be used as a tool not only in academic but in non-academic activities as well. This has increased students level of interest and they have shown great improvement in class attendance and independent learning by completing assignments and quizzes on Frog. Furthermore, students have also developed better ICT knowledge and skills through the use of Frog. Teachers are using Frog in teaching and learning by creating their own Sites, Assignments and Quizzes to engage students.


Frog is making a difference in Administration

Increase Efficiency

With the Headmistress of the school being an active Frog user, the school’s dashboard is always updated with important forms and links. She utilises Frog as a platform to communicate and share information with the school community. In addition, she also uses Frog to monitor teachers progress. By using Frog as a tool to complete administrative work, teachers find that they are able to efficiently complete their tasks and in turn have more time to prepare for lessons.



Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement

Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students in 21st Century teaching and learning

The school holds workshops and trainings for teachers to help them learn how to use Frog. The school also organises extra classes on Saturday for students to teach them how to use Frog. Not only that, SK Kayang has a club called “Kelab Kayang Cyber Kids” for few selected students.

“It is fun to learn with Frog because it helps me understand lessons better and I am able to learn independently at home while playing games on FrogPlay.”

- Fatin Nuralya binti Abdul Rahman, Year 6 Amal student

“Frog has allowed me to find more teaching material through the internet and has given me convenience to prepare and conduct lessons efficiently through Sites. My lesson are more interesting, interactive and effective with Frog.”

- Puan Shuhada binti Md Isa, Teacher

“By using technology, students have access to a wider range of content material that are interesting and interactive.”

- Puan Hajah Noridah Hamdan, Headmistress

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