Sekolah Kebangsaan Pasukan Polis Hutan is a 4G school located in the areas of Tanjung Rambutan, Perak. 80% of the students enrolled are children from the police force posted in that area, while the other 20% are aboriginals and from the nearby residences. The school started using Frog in 2015 and has since been using Frog consistently. The previous Headmaster, Cikgu Ismail bin Yusoff, was supportive of Frog and was always encouraging teachers and students to utilise Frog in teaching and learning.


When Puan Hajjah Asiah binti Mohamad Sani transferred to the school as the new Headmistress, she continued encouraging teachers to use Frog in their daily teaching and learning as well as administrative tasks. She monitored teachers and students progress by making sure that they followed the scheduled timetable to use the computer lab. She also encouraged students to use the computer lab during weekends and school holidays.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

To cultivate a 21st Century learning environment, previous Headmaster, Cikgu Ismail, would encourage all teachers to have their own Sites for difference subjects to be used in teaching and learning. Puan Hajjah Asiah, the new Headmistress, has carried on his efforts by constantly encouraging students, especially those from remove classes so that students from all levels can equally experience using Frog.


Student Engagement

Since students started using Frog, they have been very eager to learn and are constantly asking teachers when they will be going to the computer lab again to use Frog.


Student Progress

Students have started showing more interest and taking more initiative to learn with Frog. This has led to an improvement in academic results where students are achieving better grades in subjects compared to before.


Students also started thinking more creatively when learning with Frog. A teacher once asked his students about their future ambitions and there were various answers from students. One student stood out from the rest when he said he wanted to be a scientist. When asked why, he answered that he wanted to study why humans and animals could move, while growing plants could not. This stemmed from learning with Frog where teachers embedded various visuals and videos that allowed student to understand lessons interactively.


Frog is making a difference in Administration

The previous Headmaster made online lesson plan submissions through the eRPH application a compulsory practice for teachers in school and the new Headmistress continues to enforce the practice to this day. the practice has continued to this day.


Increase Efficiency

While Cikgu Ismail was still in charge, he monitored teachers and their lesson plan submissions online through the Frog VLE. Puan Hajjah Asiah has followed suit and does the same as well. The school also utilises Frog as a platform to update the school community with important notices and announcements through the school’s dashboard.


Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement

Parents are more connected with what is happening in school

When Frog was introduced, some parents had queries that their children are playing games at home while using Frog. During Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) meetings, the Headmistress explained to parents about how Frog is a teaching and learning platform for 21st Century education. Parents began to understand better and were more aware of what their children are doing while using Frog.


Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students in 21st Century teaching and learning

The school has a Frog Advocate, Ms Lim Eng Bee. She is an avid supporter of Frog and are constantly encouraging teachers to use it in class and even for administration. She would always conduct workshops to help teachers improve in using Frog.

“The Frog VLE is a good learning platform that motivates students to be better and giving them opportunities to explore new methods of learning.”

- Puan Hajjah Asiah binti Mohamad Sani, Headmistress.

“Frog has made teaching and learning more interesting as students are being more focused and attentive in classes. Not only that, Frog is also a good platform for teachers and students to interact with one another, regardless of whether they are in school or at home. Teachers are also better in managing their administrative tasks through embedded applications such as eRPH, e-Kehadiran and e-Panitia.”

- Ms Lim Eng Bee, Frog Advocate.

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