In 1911, Sekolah Kebangsaan Abi started off as a wooden hut in Perlis for children to learn Jawi.  the hut was then built into a two-storey wooden building and converted into a government school to further expand teaching and learning for the children in the area.


In 2017, the school started adopting the Frog VLE in teaching and learning when Encik Md Nazir was posted as Headteacher of the school. Encik Md Nazir is very passionate in technology that he went on to take unpaid leave to complete a course on ICT at the time when he was only an Admin Teacher. After completing his course, he began encouraging teachers to adopt technology into teaching and learning, leading them towards 21st century teaching and learning.


He introduced and implemented the Frog VLE as a platform for teaching and learning in the school. Under his leadership, the school has gained recognition from JPN Perlis for being the top school to achieve the highest ranking in VLE usage for primary school.


Frog is making a difference in teaching and learning

Frog has encouraged and motivated students of SK Abi to perform better through healthy competition amongst their peers through FrogPlay. Not only that, Frog has also given equal opportunities to students who cannot afford private tuition by providing a platform for self-revision and independent learning. These positive changes seen in students continue to motivate teachers to be more creative in their teaching and learning, leading them to improve and enhance their ICT knowledge and skills.


Student Engagement

Since its introduction to the school, Frog has created better opportunities for teachers to engage students. Through the Frog VLE, students are able to communicate better with teachers and teachers are able to give students equal attention and opportunities during lessons and other classroom activities.


Student Progress

Students have also shown growth in character as they have become more disciplined. For example, teachers find that students have become more responsible and accountable in the computer lab even without a teacher present. By implementing technology in teaching and learning, students have acquired knowledge and developed 21st century skills by familiarizing with technology tools at a young age.


A Tool for Teachers to Teach Better

Frog has also provided a tool for teachers to teach better by making it more convenient to prepare and conduct lessons. Teachers are making full use of quizzes on FrogPlay for teaching and learning. These readily available and easily accessible quizzes are not only useful for students’ revision, but support teachers’ daily lesson plans as well. Teachers also find that Frog has given them an element to create more impactful lessons through customised Sites and interactive applications such as Kahoot and Quizizz that integrated through the Frog VLE.


Frog has made a difference in Administration

Besides teaching and learning, SK Abi has demonstrated that Frog can also be used as a tool to assist in decreasing a teacher’s workload and increasing efficiency in administration.


Decrease workload

Frog has helped decrease the workload of teachers as the Frog VLE is used as the school’s main platform for teachers’ administrative work such as SAPs, NKRA and eRPH, which have all been embedded and added to the quick launch. Teachers have also saved time from marking paper assignments individually, and are instead viewing progress of assignments using the YES Altitude phone through the Frog Assignment app.


Increase efficiency

Since being introduced to Frog, teachers have been able to do more in a short amount of time. As teachers are able to settle their administrative work quickly through Frog, this gives them more time to “think out of the box” by having more time to research on new creative ways to make teaching and learning more interesting and interactive for students. Frog has proven to be an effective administrative tool that has increased the efficiency and productivity of teachers, giving them more time to focus on students’ progress.


Not only that, the school has effectively utilised Frog to disseminate and store information efficiently. Teachers and students are constantly updated on the school’s progress through the school dashboard on the Frog VLE. Frog has also provided a platform for easy and fast access to material content when teachers began sharing Sites with students and other teachers on the Frog VLE.


Frog has made a difference in Community Engagement

We see how SK Abi has built a community of students, teachers and parents that encourages and supports one another through collaborative and collective effort in raising the bar in education.


Parents are more connected to what's happening in school

Headteacher, Encik Md Nazir started a programme in school that would encourage and allow parents to use the computer lab while waiting for their children to finish school. This program is intended to introduce parents to the digital world and discover how technology works. Parents have then began to know more about the Frog VLE and how they can stay connected to what is happening in school as well as their children’s progress through the platform.


Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students

The Headteacher also formed a VLE Transformation Team and selected one of his best ICT teachers, Puan Siti Mariam, to assist him in helping other teachers know more on how to utilise the Frog VLE and familiarise with technology tools. Slowly but surely, teachers began to create and customise more impactful Sites and shared them with their peers.


“We have seen that through Frog, the school’s performance has shown significant improvement academically. Students have shown such discipline in utilising the Frog VLE for independent learning and revision.”

- Puan Siti Mariam binti Hamzah, Frog Admin


“Frog has enabled me to monitor if my children have finished their assignments given by teachers. Not only that, Frog has definitely increased my children’s interest in learning and has really helped them improved a lot.”

- Puan Rashidah binti Ismail, parent

Posted in Perlis.