Sekolah Kebangsaan Cheras Indah was introduced to Frog in 2012, but started actively using Frog in 2016 when Teacher Donna was appointed the Frog Admin. When she learned about Frog, she challenged herself to build ICT skills and learned how to utilise the VLE platform on her own. She then began to use Frog in her classes and saw that student engagement improved significantly. 


Through her personal experience, she brought it up to the Senior Leadership Team of the school on the effectiveness of Frog in teaching and learning. With the  support of the leadership team, Teacher Donna then began to introduce Frog to all the other teachers. However, she knew that to truly get them on-board was to let them see for themselves how Frog has improved learning for her students. She continue to set an example for all teachers to follow, and soon, all teachers were convinced and began using Frog in class.


Since then, the school has been actively using Frog and even participated in the Frog Championships. The school made it to the top in various categories within the Championships. Their success continued to encourage and motivate teachers and students to use Frog. 


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning


Student engagement

Students’ interest have increased significantly since they started using Frog. Students are more excited and enthusiastic during lessons. They enjoy it very much to be able to learn with technology. Teachers are always assigning students with Assignments and giving them FrogPlay quizzes to complete. This has greatly increased their motivation to be diligent in their studies.



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