Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Hamilton was founded in 1995, comprising of three building blocks known as Harmoni, Wawasan and Muhibbah. The school is located in Greenlane, a town located in the Timur Laut district. There are over 344 students enrolled, with 7 students being special needs students for the visually impaired, and 45 teachers.


The school introduced to Frog in 2017 and the platform was not really utilised and only treated as an option. Early in 2018, Puan Tham Soke Cheng took over as Frog Admin of the school and made strategic changes to encourage better utilisation of Frog in all classes. Headmaster Mr Barathidasan A/L Muniandy, who was always open to trying new things for the sake of education, gave his full support to Puan Tham to drive efforts to cultivate Frog into the school culture and system. This vision received full support by the new headmaster, Mr Mohamad Nadzir Bin Che Mey @ Ismail when there was a reshuffle of administrators.


Puan Tham Soke Cheng created a timetable for core subjects - Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics and Science - and involved all teachers teaching TMK (Teknologi, Maklumat dan Komunikasi). She re-introduced these teachers to Frog by getting them acquainted to the main Frog features such as Boost Sites, Assignments and Community Quizzes. Through consistent exposure to Frog, teachers mindsets were changed and they began to adapt towards 21st Century teaching and learning.


Although the school is located in a town area, most students do not have internet or devices at home. To ensure all students have equal access to 21st Century learning, Puan Tham goes to school early to open up the computer lab so that students have an hour before school hours to use Frog to complete their assignments or to do their revision.



Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student engagement

Teachers fully utilised Boost Sites, Assignments and Community in all their lessons. Some teachers even customised Sites and Quizzes to tailor to students needs, especially for the special needs students who were visually impaired and also students with learning difficulties. Teachers also embed Kahoot and YouTube videos to make lessons more interactive and found that Frog has greatly improved student learning and understanding of the subject lessons that are being taught.



Frog is making a difference in Administration

Increase efficiency

The school utilises the Frog dashboard to keep the entire school community updated on extracurricular activities, events and exams. Teachers and students are able to easily access these information through Frog anytime, anywhere.

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