Sekolah Kebangsaan Marian Convent Setapak is an all-girls’ primary school located in Kuala Lumpur, with over 303 students attending two school session. The school is well-known for active and consistent usage of the Frog VLE in teaching and learning. 

The school started using Frog in 2015 when the new Headmistress, Puan Zaimunah Muhamed, initiated a plan to implement Frog and the use of technology in teaching and learning. The Headmistress continuously encourages teachers and students to use Frog in class and monitors the teachers progress on a daily basis by requiring teachers to submit a report via WhatsApp after every teaching and learning session. As teachers are already well-versed in ICT, it was not hard for Frog to be cultivated into the school’s culture.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student Engagement

Since the use of Frog in teaching and learning, students became interested to learn. Students are enjoying the lessons with interactive Sites and Quizzes, helping them understand the lessons better because they can visualize the lessons. This motivates students to attend class and has therefore increased students attendance. Teachers find it easier to engage students when lessons are conducted using Sites as it allows for interactive learning and visuals to capture the attention of students.


Student Progress

Students have also shown significant improve in English and Math results, especially for lower primary students. Results started improving since 2016 and has continued to improve till now.


A tool for teachers to teach better

Frog has also given teachers a convenient avenue to prepare for lessons on the go as the platform is fully online. Teachers create Sites on the Frog VLE and assign quizzes to students on FrogPlay, all on their mobile devices. This has helped teachers optimize their teaching and learning hours in school.

“The Frog VLE is a great tool for teaching and learning. With interactive Sites and Quizzes, students are enjoying class more and are understanding lessons better. I always encourage teachers to be as creative as possible with their lessons to keep students interested.”

- Puan Zaimunah Mohamed, Headmistress.

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