Sekolah Kebangsaan Pekan Jaya is a rural school located in Pekan, Pahang. The school was established in 2005, and since then the state education office had plans to develop the school as a SMART school in Malaysia. The school was provided with a lot of facilities to cater to active use of technology, such as two computer labs, an access centre (only available in SMART schools) and a Chrome lab. To date, the school has over 420 students and 40 teachers.


The school was introduced to Frog in 2013 when the school received a Chrome lab with 40 Chromebooks. Since then, the school has been active in using Frog and has achieved various awards. The school was the first place winner in the Word Mania Challenge in 2014 and was second in the student category. From the Challenge, the school won RM10,000 in which they bought another 7 Chromebooks. In 2016 and 2018, the school represented Pahang in the Anugerah Pembestarian Sekolah Peringkat Kebangsaan. The school also received 5-Star Smart School Qualification Standards and best utilisation of Frog in the state every year.


As shared by Frog Admin Encik Nazrul, the school’s success stemmed from various reasons. Since 2013, the school has had three different headmasters that have all shown and given full support in implementing Frog. Encik Nazrul also commended the school’s well-equipped ICT facilities in playing a big role in the success of Frog in SK Pekan Jaya. However, he added that the more they achieved in 21st Century teaching and learning, the more support they received from the state education and technology offices. “When we have achieved so much in ICT, this becomes something that the whole school community looks forward to. We will always ask ourselves what more can we achieve in ICT and we push beyond the boundaries of what we know and are already doing,” said Encik Nazrul.


The school has a very committed Frog Committee that always helps Encik Nazrul as the Frog Admin, in running programmes like trainings and workshops to help and guide teachers in using Frog, as well as to support and familiarise teachers with digital tools. Not just that, parents are highly supportive of 21st Century teaching and learning in school. Although coming from low income backgrounds, parents have given a lot of monetary support such as contributing to weekly and monthly rewards for Frog competitions organized by the school that amount up to RM1,700 worth of prizes. However, Encik Nazrul shared, the most important factor driving the success of Frog in the school is the students interest and passion in using 21st Century methods in their learning journey. This in turn has greatly motivated teachers to use Frog in teaching and learning, and encouraged parents to continuously support their children’s learning journey with Frog.



Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student engagement

Since teachers started using Frog in class, students began showing more interest and are participating more actively during lessons. Not only that, teachers are able to capture students attention through interactive learning with visuals and videos incorporated in lessons Sites.  Students can also easily access these Sites and Quizzes on their own at home, which is a factor that has greatly improved classroom efficiency as students have become more prepared to learn before the lesson.


Student progress

With different levels of difficulty available in FrogPlay quizzes, students have become more motivated to learn because they can learn at their own pace without feeling the pressure to catch up with their peers. Students have shown improvement and year after year, more students are getting straight A’s in UPSR. The school also has a schedule where every class will have the opportunity to use the ICT facilities to teach and learn with Frog. Students are always one step ahead of teachers in getting ready to enter the ICT labs without being told by teachers to do so, because they are excited to learn with Frog.


A tool for teachers to teach better

Teachers utilise Frog in all aspects in school such as for academic, extra curricular activities and student affairs. In class, teachers integrate Sites, especially Boost Sites, in their subject lessons and they find it very convenient as the learning content is ready-to-use and easy to share with students. Teachers also find it very convenient as they are allowed to customize the content to tailor to students needs with other learning materials, which is an effective way to prepare classroom lessons. Besides that, teachers like using FrogPlay quizzes for exercises and revision because of the interactivity of gamified-learning that attracts and motivates students to complete their quizzes diligently.


Frog is making a difference in Administration

Decrease workload

SK Pekan Jaya utilises Frog as a one-stop centre where teachers and students can easily access school materials, such as timetables, forms, reports and e-RPH submissions. Teachers will update students of new classroom schedules and report cards that have been uploaded to the school dashboard where students can easily access them on their own. With Google Forms easily embedded into the Frog VLE, teachers can ask their students to fill up the forms online where data is automatically available for use. All these applications have greatly decreased the workload of teachers and saved the school a lot of money on paper printing by having everything done online through Frog.


Increase efficiency

By going paperless, the school not only saved a lot of cost on paper, but have also increased the efficiency of school management. As all school information such as meeting minutes, student reports and certificates are available and accessible via the school dashboard, teachers and students can obtain the information they need easily without having to go through the school admin. This would then allow the admin to focus on managing other things such as the school calendar and social events, as well as the booking of meeting rooms and other school facilities. Teachers and students are also welcome to give feedback where the school admin can instantly respond to.


Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement

Parents are more connected with what is happening in school

Understanding the importance of parents support, Frog Admin Encik Nazrul would collaborate with the PIBG to organize meetings to update parents on student progress and Frog activities, as well as conduct workshops to help and guide parents on how to use Frog so that students can continue using Frog at home. Parents are always well-informed of what is happening in school, and thus, are very supportive of their children learning with Frog, especially FrogPlay. During the Frog Championships, parents allowed their children to stayback in school and were even willing to send their children to school on weekends to do extra revision with FrogPlay. Some parents who were able to afford it bought their children devices so that they can continue using FrogPlay at home.


Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students in 21st Century teaching and learning

Being a model school in Pahang, SK Pekan Jaya is often visited by other schools and the school is always willing to open its doors and share their best practices with others. Frog Advocate Teachers would also take the initiative to go to other schools to help and guide them on how to use Frog in teaching and learning. Frog Admin Encik Nazrul would always be invited by other schools to train their Frog Admins on how to manage the use of Frog better for teachers and students. Through their willingness to share and help others, other schools are able to see and understand the benefits of Frog and teachers no longer view Frog as a burden, but an effective tool to improve teaching and learning experiences.


Students come together as a community to inspire and support their peers and teachers in 21st Century teaching and learning

The school has gone the extra mile to identify students who are very passionate and well-versed in using Frog. These students are known as Student Champions, where they become mentor to their peers and guide other students on how to use Frog. Student Champions would also work together with Teacher Champions to assist and guide other teachers in using Frog and understanding the importance of a teacher’s role in facilitating 21st Century teaching and learning for students. These Student Champions are awarded every year by the school as a show of appreciation for their dedication, and they in turn feel motivated to continue helping others.

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