Sekolah Kebangsaan Saujana Impian (2) currently has over 1,200 students enrolled and 79 teachers. The school has about 80 Chromebooks which are being utilised optimally for teaching and learning with Frog. In 2015, MOE officer Encik Ruzaimi started actively training teachers in PPD Hulu Langat on how to best use Frog, and one of those teachers included Cikgu Muaazz from SK Saujana Impian (2).


Since then Cikgu Muaazz has implemented his knowledge of Frog in his classroom and has set a shining example for other teachers to follow suit. Other teachers slowly came to realise that Frog provides a lot of benefits and started exploring more into the platform. Soon, more teachers and students started using Frog in teaching and learning. 


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning


A tool for teachers to teach better

Teachers began actively using the Frog VLE for teaching and learning because they realised that the platform has made it easier for them to prepare for lessons. With available teaching materials via Frog Boost and FrogPlay, teachers find that they now have more time to focus on students as they no longer need to dedicate too much time into preparing lessons. 


Frog is making a difference in Administration


Increase efficiency

The school is also utilising the Frog VLE platform as a one-stop center for school announcements, memos and updates. All these information are posted on the school dashboard where teachers, students and parents have access to by logging into Frog.


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