Sekolah Kebangsaan Sepakat Jaya, formerly known as SK Ladang Union when it was established in 1990, is located within the Ladang Union Estate. The school has more than 80 students and 12 teachers. They started using Frog in 2012 and Encik Mohd Rahimi bin Abd Talib was appointed as the Frog Admin to drive initiatives that would encourage the teachers and students to be on-board.


The school’s journey with Frog started with students familiarising themselves with Frog through YES ID distribution. The school emphasized on the importance of 21st Century education and teachers were inspired to get more innovative with Frog. The school leadership team was highly involved in advocating Frog as a culture in the school. Digital textbooks were downloaded into the school’s dashboard to further encourage e-learning in classrooms.


Throughout their Frog journey, the PKG had been very supportive in providing guidance and assistance to the school through trainings and workshops. The collaborative effort of the leadership team and Frog Admin Encik Rahimi drove the success of Frog in the school. Senior teachers were always encouraging and motivating teachers and students to use Frog, while Encik Rahimi created VLE schedules and conducted workshops consistently. Their efforts bore fruit when the school was awarded the best adoption of Frog for under-enrolled schools in Johor.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student progress

The school participated in the Frog Championships in 2018 and during the time, students were actively using Frog Boost and FrogPlay quizzes. Their consistency in revision and practice led to 100% of students passing Science in their year-end exams. Teachers also saw a significant subject results for Bahasa Melayu.


A tool for teachers to teach better

Teachers fully utilised Boost Sites and customized content that tailored to students’ needs. It was convenient for teachers to do so, giving them more time to focus on students that needed more guidance. Teachers were also actively assigning and creating Community Quizzes to students for extra revision.

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