Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Petai is a rural school with only 60 students and 12 teachers. The school started using Frog in 2016 when Cikgu Hisyamuwandi bin Morshidi was appointed as Frog Admin. He drove various initiatives to encourage teachers and students towards 21st Century education. He started the “Geng Frog VLE” programme to introduce teachers and students to Frog. 


He then established two programmes - one targeted for teachers and the other for students. "Program Pelaksanaan Frog VLE & Pembelajaran Abad Ke-21” is a programme for teachers where monthly workshop sessions and other activities are conducted to encourage teachers to utilise Frog. Cikgu Hisyamuwandi also started a student champion programme where Year 5 students are taught and trained on how to login to Frog and customise their dashboards. Within a year, the school became an active user of Frog.


The adoption of Frog was successful due to the support and encouragement given to Cikgu Hisyamuwandi by the Headmaster and senior leadership team. In 2018, the school was upgraded to 4G internet and this had enabled them to join the FrogPlay World Championship. During the Championship, parents were very supportive of students using Frog and collaborated with teachers to maximize Frog usage throughout the competition. Through this, the school was able to achieve first place on a state level, top 10 on a national level and top 12 on an international level in the FrogPlay World Championship.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning


Student progress

The school ensured that all classes are able to learn using Frog at least once a month. During that time, teachers utilise their own Sites, Frog Boost and FrogPlay. Through Frog, a previously failing student who had no interest in learning was able to improve in Bahasa Melayu and Science. He also passed in UPSR.


Frog is making a difference in Administration


Increase efficiency

The school utilises Frog to efficiently share and access information. Teachers submit their reports through Frog and administrators are able to monitor and go through these reports. Frog is also an important tool for PPD/JPN assessments, where the Headmistress can easily share files online without the need to carry around hardcopy documents. Besides that, the school community is also kept informed via the school’s dashboard on upcoming activities, events and holidays. 


Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement


Parents are connected with what is happening in school

Since the introduction of Frog, parents have been very committed in giving their support to the school. During the Frog Championships, parents are constantly asking teachers what is the school’s ranking in the competition. Some parents even went ahead to buy devices for their children so that they are able to continue using Frog at home after school. 


On weekends, parents take turns to come to school to help teachers in opening the computer lab so that students can come to school to use Frog. Parents are encouraged by the idea of having their children come to school to use Frog than having them waste time playing games on weekends. Besides that, parents are also pleased with this because students will be doing extra revision through Frog, not needing to pay for extra tuition classes.


Teachers come together as a community to support and inspire one another and students in 21st Century teaching and learning

Cikgu Hisyamuwandi has been part of the Hubs Team established in PPD Sarikei since 2017. He is one of the main advocates and facilitators that is actively conducting Hubs Modules workshops. He is working alongside PPD officer, Mr Loh, to organise workshops and invite teachers from within the district to join.

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