Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanah Puteh is located in Pekan, Pahang with over 350 students and 49 teachers. The school is very active in extracurricular activities and participated in activities for scouts on a national level. The school started actively using Frog in 2017 when Cikgu Razali took over as the Frog Admin. Being a Frog Admin in his previous school, Cikgu Razali was well-versed on Frog and the Hubs Modules. So he started organising internal workshops to introduce teachers to Frog and train them on how to utilise the platform in teaching and learning.


The headteacher is very supportive of Cikgu Razali’s initiatives to enhance the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students through Frog. He gives his support by encouraging all teachers and students to use Frog as a tool to develop ICT knowledge and skills. The school’s IT technician, Puan Wan Nurmalazaima binti Wan Mansor, also gives great support in facilitating the use of Frog by helping teachers and students in accessing the platform and other online learning websites. Besides that, the school has a practice where all Standard 1 students are taught how to type and given tutorials on how to log into Frog. This slowly gives them that exposure and knowledge to the digital world, with Frog setting the pace of their 21st Century learning journey. It is a collective effort of Cikgu Razali’s dedication, headteacher’s support and the school community’s willingness to adapt Frog into the culture that have driven the successful implementation of Frog in the school.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student engagement

Although the school’s ICT facilities are limited, teachers and students are still actively using Frog for teaching and learning. Cikgu Razali shared that students really enjoy doing FrogPlay Quizzes because of the gamified learning elements. It motivates them to try again and again till they get it right, leading to independent learning.



A tool for teachers to teach better

Cikgu Razali also shared that teachers really appreciate the various widgets and teaching tools available on Frog that helps make lessons more interesting and interactive. Teachers especially appreciate Boost Sites that help teachers plan and prepare their lessons more effectively.


Frog is making a difference in Administration

Decrease workload

The school adopted the e-RPH system into Frog to also encourage teachers to use Frog to complete their daily tasks. Lesson plan submissions are prepared and submitted online through Frog, and this has helped the school save cost on paper and printing. Not only that, the headteacher finds it so convenient to access every teacher’s submission online without needing to go through physical files and report books one at a time.

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