Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Balai Besar is a suburban school located in the Dungun district in Terengganu. The school has about 700 students whom, in majority, do not have internet access at home. These students rely mostly on school or cyber cafes to have access to the internet. However, this did not deter students from participating in national-level competitions. Last year, the school was second place in Toyota Eco Youth for successfully coming up with a biodiesel project that reuses cooking oil. Not only that, some students were also involved in the BMX Challenge since 2017 and had won a silver medal for the Terengganu contingent in the BMX women’s bike event at SUKMA 2018 recently.


The school started actively using Frog in 2017 through the support and encouragement of the school principal. The school admin took the initiative to schedule a timetable for every class to have a chance to use Frog in the computer lab at least once a week. Teachers are now actively utilising Frog to conduct lessons. One of the teachers received a VLE Innovative Award for Secondary School at the Dungun district Teacher’s Day celebration this year. The school was also named champion for the Best School and Best Teacher category in competition organised by in May 2018.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning

Student Engagement

Students are now showing more interest in learning and are also taking more initiative for their own academic improvement. They will stay back in school to search for more content to complete their assignments and do more revision on FrogPlay.


Student Progress

The Frog Championships have created positive competitiveness among schools through the rankings of top schools in the country. Students have developed a sense of motivation and determination to keep their schools in the top rankings by actively using Boost Sites and scoring consistent marks in FrogPlay Quizzes. This has contributed in improving students understanding of subjects and academic performance.


A tool for teachers to teach better

With Frog, teachers are able to provide more information in their lessons by attaching more content into their Sites. FrogPlay Community Quizzes have also made it more convenient for teachers to prepare for lessons when they are unable to create their own quizzes for students. Other widgets and applications linked to Frog have helped make lessons more interesting.

Frog is making a difference in Administration

Decrease Workload

The school utilises Frog as a platform for NILAM and eRPH. For NILAM, students key-in the number of books they have read along with a summary online. For teachers, lesson plans are submitted online through the eRPH application embedded on Frog. This has effectively helped the school save cost in printing and reduced the use of paper.


Increase Efficiency

Frog also acts as platform where the school shares information on school activities and events as well as important announcements and notices through the school dashboard. Teachers, students and even parents are able to access information easily.

“Frog is a very useful and beneficial teaching and learning tool for teachers and students. Frog also gives students, especially those who cannot afford to have internet or devices at home, an early exposure to technology and the digital world.”

- Puan Nor Azlina Abdul Muttlib, Frog Admin and Gold Advocate

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