Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Ahmad Maher is a cluster school in Kota Bharu with more than 900 students and 100 teachers. Cluster schools specialise in certain academic areas and the school’s focus is in public speaking and technology. The Ministry of Education funds cluster schools to create programmes for state and national levels every year. Schools will then carry out their programmes at a carnival known as Hari Kebitaraan where cluster schools on a state or national level are invited to join.


The Headmaster Encik Zamri bin Abdul Aziz s very supportive of Frog and the school comes up with yearly plans on how Frog is conducted in school. The school has 2 computer labs where fixed schedules are set for all classes and subjects to utilise Frog in teaching and learning. The school also has a Frog Classroom.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching and Learning

A tool for teachers to teach better

Teachers find Frog as a helpful tool in teaching learning as Frog provides available content such as Boost Sites, FrogPlay Quizzes and Community Quizzes. This is convenient for teachers as they don’t have to spend too much time creating content for their lessons.


Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement

Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students in 21st Century teaching and learning

The admin conducts internal workshops for teachers to guide them in utilising Frog more optimally in teaching and learning. As a Hub School, the school also invites teachers from other schools to attend Module workshops conducted by FrogAsia representatives.


“Frog VLE is a good system for teaching and learning. Students do enjoy it.”

- Cikgu Nurul, Frog Admin


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