Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tawau was inaugurated in 1958 and is about 2 miles away from Tawau city center. The school has been consistently using Frog since 2014, with support from the principal, Datin Fitriani, and Frog Admin, Cikgu Abdul Rahman. The principal is always encouraging teachers to use Frog and require teachers to assign assignments to students via Frog at least once a week.


Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning


Student Engagement


Since teachers started incorporate Frog in classroom lessons, students are showing more interest to learn. They especially enjoy using FrogPlay and are completing the quizzes diligently so that they can play the mini-games.Students are also logging into Frog for independent learning and revision after school hours through the Sites and Quizzes shared and assigned by teachers.


A tool for teachers to teach better

Through the use of Frog, teachers find that they are not planning their lessons more efficiently as Frog has ready-to-use content available via Boost, FrogPlay Community Quizzes and FrogStore. They also find it convenient that they are able to customise Sites to tailor to students needs.


Frog is making a difference in Administration


Decrease Workload

The school uses Frog as an information centre where all information are easily shared and made accessible to the school community. Teachers use Frog to keep submit and track student reports and this has helped save a lot of cost on printing by having the information all online.


Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement



Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students in 21st Century teaching and learning

Cikgu Abdul Rahman is constantly sharing updates and new information on Frog with teachers in school. There is also a WhatsApp group chat with all teachers where he uploads photos of Frog events and competitions to encourage teachers to participate. 

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