THE STAR – Best practices on 21st century learning


SCHOOL heads from Tamil vernacular schools gathered at Institut Aminuddin Baki to share best practices and boost abilities to adopt 21st century education.


Batu Gajah MP Sivakumar Varatharaju Naidu who opened the SJKT National Principal Education Symposium 2019, said one of its aims was to create awareness on FrogAsia’s Tamil teaching and learning content on Boost Sites so that school heads and teachers can access it for their lessons.

In an attempt to encourage the adoption of 21st century education practices among Tamil schools in Malaysia, FrogAsia has created 980 curriculum-aligned Boost Sites for all core subjects of Tamil vernacular schools.


All students and teachers at Tamil vernacular schools can access and make use of the Boost Sites for Tamil, Science, Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and English subjects on the Frog platform.

Each Boost Site has four components: learning standards and goals, lesson resources, activities and quizzes for formative and summative assessment.

Teachers can download and use for their classes, and students can directly access for learning and revision.


These sites are mapped to the Malaysian curriculum, covering the entire syllabus.


The sites are designed to support teachers and students in their teaching and learning, and are accessible through the Boost Application on the Frog VLE quick launch feature.


Sivakumar said he was delighted with the achievements of Tamil schools in the country.


“Academically, the UPSR results of Tamil vernacular school students have improved year by year,” he said.


SJKT Ladang Edinburgh, Kuala Lumpur Tamil language teacher Kalaivani Punnusamy said: “Frog helps us connect and interact beyond the boundaries of the classroom.” “Being an online learning platform, it encourages and helps introverted pupils to be more enthusiastic.


“It also reduces teachers’ burden by taking paperwork and manual tasks out of the equation,” she said.


Some of the benefits of using the Frog platform includes reducing teachers’ burdens, especially for new teachers who might not have ready content for teaching and for relief teachers who might have to take over a class but are not well-versed with what the students have been learning.


In addition, students are more engaged using the Frog platform because of the quiz engines and games available.


Schools using the Frog platform have seen positive results, as the students’ academic results improve and they become more confident as a result.


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