THE STAR – Taking on the world

MALAYSIAN students competed with students from 13 other countries in the FrogPlay World Championships 2018.

Themed “Up Your Game!”, this year’s championship raised the bar with Malaysian students competing with students from Australia, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Launched in 2017, the championship encourages schools to leverage the use of FrogPlay – an application on the Frog Virtual Learning Environment (Frog VLE) platform, to motivate students to learn in an interactive way through gamified learning and ready-made quizzes.

Gamified learning is a concept used in 21st century teaching and learning that uses game elements to develop skills among students.

In its first year, the competition involved only Malaysian schools.

In the FrogPlay World Championships 2018, a total of 7,175 schools worldwide completed more than 3,000,000 quizzes over the two-month duration of the competition. Globally, FrogPlay is in the Google Play Store. Overall, schools recorded significant improvement in academic results.

Through consistent use of FrogPlay, students improved their quiz results by as much as 46% points.

The improvements were most prominent among secondary school students, in key subjects such as English (44%) and the core sciences – Chemistry (46%), Physics (40%) and Biology (36%).

“Although this is the first year we have taken the FrogPlay Championship global, we are heartened by the positive support and feedback from schools around the world.

“The gamification of revision via FrogPlay encourages students to revise their lessons consistently and continuously, rather than only around exam time,” said FrogAsia executive director Lou Yeoh.

This builds good revision habits and helps students themselves track their understanding of the lessons throughout the school year.

From among the entries, the Top 10 World School Finalists have been identified, comprising eight Malaysian schools as well as one school each from the UK and US.

The 10 finalists, which topped the championships leaderboard, need to submit case studies on how the school benefited through the use of FrogPlay.

Three winners will be identified from the Top 10 in July, where they will present their winning case studies and take part in the World Challenge at FrogAsia’s Leaps of Knowledge Conference in November this year.

Three winners from Malaysia’s primary school entries and secondary school entries have also been selected.

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