THE SUN – FrogAsia set to host international education conference

Speakers that are scheduled to speak during the Leaps of Knowledge 2019 conference include International Psychologist & Life Coach and 2019’s Young Global Leader Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais who will be addressing the implications of exam stress on students and how as a community, we can change the way we perceive the value of a child.


According to Dr Anjhula, “Exams are just snapshots of a particular moment in time of how a child does in that moment. It does not predict future outcomes.”


Child & Family Development Specialist Racheal Kwacz is also set to take the stage at the Leaps of Knowledge Conference 2019. With over 20 years of experience working with children, Kwacz is an advocate for Respectful Parenting and frequently conducts workshops that have empowered hundreds of educators and parents to raise kind, confident, compassionate, resilient learners using the Racheal Method.


Also scheduled to speak at the conference are science teacher and the winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2019 Peter Tabichi and artist and architectural designer Red Hong Yi.


Kwacz will also be sharing steps that can be taken by educators and parents to protect children and the best international practices that needs to be incorporated in classrooms and homes.


The 2013 conference was also notable for being the first ever education conference in Malaysia that focused on national schools with an emphasis on education technology.


FrogAsia believes in a world where everyone loves learning and where technology removes boundaries. As part of the first effort in the world to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform, FrogAsia is constantly looking for ways to create an impact in teaching and learning through technology.


Its vision is for every child to have the opportunity to be equipped with the knowledge, information and skills that will empower them to be creative communicators, collaborators and changemakers in their own communities and across the globe.


After seven years of activating 21st century teaching and learning through the work that they do, FrogAsia has seen their Frog virtual learning environment (Frog VLE) levelling the education playing field across Malaysia.

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