Introducing Hubs

The Hubs System was introduced by FrogAsia in early 2016 as the next step to further provide quality training sessions on the Frog VLE to teachers across Malaysia. A Hub is an easily accessible and central space established in existing schools, public spaces and buildings. Teachers in nearby locations (usually not up to 25km) can gather in a Hub to teach, learn and collaborate with other teachers to improve teaching and learning outcomes using the Frog VLE.

What are the advantages of Hubs?

Central Locations

Hubs are central locations where teachers and schools in the surrounding vicinity of over 20km can meet and learn from one another. This central location reduces travelling time and costs for teachers and allows the sharing of knowledge relevant to local insights and challenges.

Training Modules

Our new Training Modules are designed to be delivered by teachers and combines usage of the Frog VLE's various widgets and functions with the latest H.O.T.S (High Order Thinking Skills). Our modules are food themed (example P.IE is Participation, Interaction, Engagement), because that's uniquely Malaysian! You might even find teachers serving food based on the module name at your session!

Make friends!

Because Hubs are locally accessible spaces, you can meet other teachers in the area and network together! This is a great opportunity to make friends and collaborate in projects, share teaching tips and tricks and encourage as well as inspire one another to do greater things!

Teacher Advocates

Our Teacher Advocates, who are ordinary teachers picked for their experience with the Frog VLE, are ready to provide help, guidance and inspire you in your journey of implementing the Frog VLE in your lessons!