Enabling 21st Century Education

The Leaps of Knowledge series aims to inspire, equip and empower Malaysians to be catalysts of change needed in the world today, especially through the use of technology and the Internet. Every event sees a carefully chosen ensemble of international and local speakers presenting current and exciting ideas, advancements and concepts that are rapidly transforming the world.

The Frog Classroom Programme is a makeover project designed to transform classrooms into vibrant spaces suitable for the level of collaboration and participation needed for 21st century learning. The transformation of these classrooms is a collaborative joint-effort between YTL Foundation and the parents, teachers, students of the interested schools.


Held annually, the Frog Teacher Awards is organised by FrogAsia and supported by the Ministry of Education and seeks to recognise the hard work and contributions of Malaysian teachers that implement technology into their lessons using creative and innovative methods. Teachers, students and parents all across Malaysia can nominate any outstanding teachers they know for multiple categories.

Kleaps is an extension of Leaps where we partner with school communities to encourage educators to collaborate and share best practices in 21st century teaching and learning.

Awards to encourage schools in their 21st century education journey, done in partnership with YTL Foundation.


A Frog Hub is a specific place or school established as a shared space for educators to gather on their journey to improve teaching and learning outcomes through the use of the Frog VLE.


A quick lookback

Read about what we've done across the years and learn about the impact we've created in all over events

Leaps of Knowledge 2013 with Nick Vujicic

Having overcome many challenges and living life to the fullest despite his limitations, Nick Vujicic was the first person to launch our Leaps of Knowledge series, and served as an inspiration to inspire people to overcome their own challenges.


Girl Rising: I Am Change Kuala Lumpur

We hosted an exclusive Kuala Lumpur film screening of the documentary filmed in conjunction with International Day of the Girl Child, to raise awareness about the struggles girls in the developing world face in getting quality education.


Leaps of Knowledge: The Future of Learning

Our inaugural full-day conference in 2013 featured a lineup of international and local keynote and panel speakers, such as TED Prize winner Professort Sugata Mitra, Corporate Vice President of Intel, Gregory Bryant and author of Barefoot Leadership, Alvin Ung. All of them thought leaders in the fields of education and technology in their own right.


Leaps of Knowledge with Julia Immonen

Well-known for accomplishing two world records for rowing with an all-woman team across the Atlantic Ocean, Julia Immonen founded Sport for Freedom, an organization that uses the positive power of community and sport to address human trafficking and slavery on a global scale. Julia’s message was one that inspired students to use what was in their hands to be the change they want to see in the world.


Leaps of Knowledge: Inspiring Changemakers in Education

Themed “Inspiring Changemakers in Education”, The Leaps of Knowledge Conference 2014 brought together big thinkers and brave changemakers, such as Dr Alice Wilder, Alistair Smith, Julia Immonen and Jaul Anak Bunyau to the local stage.


St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, Summer School Kuala Lumpur

Summer School KL seeked to inspire and guide students towards making informed decisions on what fields to study and where to further their studies after schools. To that end, 17 top professors from St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford came to guide selected students across 4 days, in subjects ranging from Philosophy to Law and Biochemistry.


Summer School KL Showdown

Held in the evenings after Summer School KL, the Summer School Showdown brought 105 students together for a fun evening of learning crucial life skills, such as teamwork, critical thinking and presentation skills. Students were challenged to go beyond their comfort zone and come up with bold new ideas to solve problems presented to them.


Leaps of Knowledge with St.Anne’s College, University of Oxford

Besides the Summer School, we also ran a conference St.Anne’s College, University of Oxford for students from all over Malaysia. Students attending this one day conference were given a glimpse into the subjects taught at university through short subject lectures by the 17 professors and also learned more about living and furthering studies in the UK. The objective of the conference was to raise aspirations amongst students.


The Leaps of Knowledge Conference: The Classroom ReimaginED

With the theme “The Classroom ReimaginED”, this conference invited teachers to explore the variety of ways technology can be used to creatively aid teaching and learning in the classroom. Dr Cathy Davidson, an author, scholar and innovator shared practical ways teachers could reimagine lessons and inject new life and enthusiasm into today’s students. Ken Wissoker, Editorial Director echoed Dr Cathy by emphasising the value of creativity in the classroom. Delegates learned techniques from outstanding teachers in several workshops and participated in fun and exciting exhibitions throughout the day.


The Leaps of Knowledge Conference: Creating Connections

Drawing on the power of community, Creating Connections explored how a community of teachers, educators, parents and individuals can work together to cultivate and raise effective 21st century learners. Over 800 participants got to play a part in two massive interactive workshops, experiencing what it feels like to be a part of a FrogAsia Hub, a space where educators can gather to improve teaching and learning outcomes through the use of Frog. Attendees also had the privilege of hearing about blended learning, the importance of character and values from renowned speakers like Thomas Arnett (Senior Research Fellow in Education at the Christensen Institute), Professor James Arthur (Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Staffing and Professor of Education and Civic Engagement at the University of Birmingham) and Dr Tom Harrison (Director of Education in the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues).

FrogPlay Championship

The FrogPlay Championship, a nationwide school competition that ran from 11 June to 29 September 2017, was aimed to encourage schools, teachers and students to collaborate and use gamified learning to encourage learning in a fun, interactive and meaningful way. This has increased the understanding of using gamified learning and ready-made quizzes available in FrogPlay and the Frog VLE.

1,989 unique schools participated in the FrogPlay Championship 2017. 70% of schools in Malaysia are active on FrogPlay, and to date, it is reported that students clogged over 1.5 million hours of revision with Gamified Learning Experience. A total of 7,024 schools across Malaysia have been active on FrogPlay since it was introduced in 2017.

Leaps of Knowledge Conference: Level Up!

Leaps of Knowledge Conference 2018: Level Up! is centered around how our community of educators, parents and individuals can continue to leverage on the foundations set over the last 6 years in implementing technology in education as a nationwide initiative in Malaysia. This year’s conference explored how this community can work together to raise the bar by celebrating each other’s successes, learning from each other and collaborating on new ideas to better raise 21st century learners.  


Leaps of Knowledge Conference: Power Up!

Empowering Gamechangers in Education

Leaps of Knowledge: Power Up! celebrates the culmination of efforts throughout the year and sets out to higher heights. Through the tools and efforts invested into advancing 21st century education thus far, Power Up! focuses on empowering teachers, who are superheroes (Gamechangers) in their own ways to continue raising the bar in education by doing things differently.

Power Up! (which also depicts obtaining a new superpower or skill) represents teachers continually developing themselves to be more, and do more. Hence, throughout Leaps of Knowledge: Power Up!, teachers are brought on a journey where they continue to obtain new skills to increase their superhero powers, to make a difference in their classrooms, their communities, and contribute to the country through the nationwide content sharing platform, Frog.