Do I have to pay for FrogAcademy?

Access to FrogAcademy is absolutely FREE with your 1BestariNet ID! To retrieve your ID, please visit yes.my/bestari. If you have difficulty retrieving your ID, please contact our friendly support team at bestari@yes.my or 018-7998787. However, to add more content and question banks to FrogAcademy, you can purchase them at affordable prices of between RM3-6 per question bank. Each question bank has a similar amount of questions to a physical workbook.

Why do you have games in a learning app?

Game-based learning is a proven approach to learning that is shown to be a more effective, motivating and engaging way for students to learn. It keeps them focused and incentivised because the games and points that students collect serve as rewards they received after completing the work required of them. Our quiz and games engine is developed by I Am Learning in the UK, which has been tested and proven to improve academic scores in schools across the UK, and now, in Malaysia as well.

How do I get additional content and question banks from FrogAcademy’s partner publishers such as Pelangi, Oxford Fajar and Focus A?

Question banks from our partners can be purchased by subject and year at affordable prices of between RM3-6 per question bank.

Why should I use FrogAcademy if I can just buy workbooks for my children to revise and study?

We think that automatic marking is a pretty awesome feature that saves a lot of time and effort. But if that’s not enough to convince you, then consider the fact that FrogAcademy also provides you with diagnostic tools which show you at a glance exactly which subjects and topics your child needs more help in. Finally, we think your kids will be much more motivated to learn with colourful monsters and exciting games!

Why can’t you make your question banks cheaper?

Our prices are set by the publishers we partner with and are priced to be as affordable as possible in comparison to traditional paper workbooks, while still being sustainable enough to make sure we can keep FrogAcademy running and keep improving the features we offer.