Say hello to FrogAcademy, an online space for assignments and revision made more engaging with game-based learning.
FrogAcademy is designed to complement the Frog VLE by bringing learning from the classroom into the home.
With FrogAcademy, you will also find all your FrogStore content, Frog Sites and news in one easy-to-access, central online library!

What we love most about the new FrogAcademy

Revision Tool Avatar Diagnostic Tool Huge Content
Brand new revision tools that contains a useful built-in quiz and revision engine. Your children can now be assigned work in the form of quizzes or game-based learning to supplement their daily revision! A brand new avatar builder that can be customised and upgraded by collecting more Frog Credits, which are gained through completing assigned work – to keep students motivated! Powerful diagnostic tools for you to track your child’s performance in FrogAcademy, helping you better understand his or her strengths and weaknesses. Huge library of content and question banks from our trusted publishers including Pelangi, Oxford Fajar and Focus A.

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