Step into FrogAcademy, an online platform where learning in the classroom blends with engaging game-based revision to create
a powerful teaching and learning experience! Besides complementing the Frog VLE, the features in FrogAcademy were designed
with the objective to aid teachers and educators in their day to day tasks!

What’s great about the new FrogAcademy

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Thanks to the self-marking system built into the question banks, questions will be marked automatically. It saves you a lot of time, which can be used to focus in helping your students do better in their studies! Our question banks on the FrogStore are sourced from reputable local publishers such as Pelangi and Focus A. They are mapped to the local syllabus and will complement your classroom lessons perfectly. Powerful diagnostic tools allow you to track the performance of a student or an entire class, across various subjects. Get an overview of your student’s and areas that need improvement. Keep your students motivated! Our unique Avatar creator gives students a fun way to express themselves by customising their Avatars using FrogCredits, earned through completing homework.

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