Meet Mr and Mrs Riz. They use FrogAcademy to help Mat,
their son, get used to basic Maths concepts while supporting Jes, their
eldest, in revising for her UPSR exams.


The first thing they did was to assign Mat daily practice games using Question Banks purchased from the FrogStore. Mat was still getting used to adding and subtracting two digit numbers, so the practice questions from Oxford Fajar’s Maths Practice 1 Question Bank gave him the practice that he needed. After every 10 questions he completed, he got to play the Whack-A-Monkey game! tour_img_001


Jes got to play the daily practice games as well, but in addition, her parents gave her an Exam assignment to complete each week, which gave her similar questions as the ones she would get in her UPSR exams, without the games in between.
As they completed the questions, Mat and Jes collected FrogCredits, which they used to personalise their avatars. Mat created a scary octopus monster avatar while Jes preferred hers cute and cuddly. tour_img_003


For mummy and daddy, the best part was that although their children were doing lots of practice and revision work, everything was automatically marked and they could immediately see their children’s results!
From their parent dashboards, they could see that Mat was improving in his Maths by practicing more, while Jes needed more help in English. They decided to purchase an additional Pelangi Question Bank – English Year 6 for Jes, and started to see her average score go up as well. tour_img_005


Mat and Jes never got bored. The more work they did, the more new games and avatar upgrades they unlocked. They even had an avatar-making contest with their classmates in school to see who could make the cutest and the scariest monster!
After 6 months of using FrogAcademy, Mat was a whiz at adding and subtracting, while Jes was improving in her English grammar and tenses. Mr and Mrs Riz were happy because they knew exactly how their children were doing and what they could do to help them improve further. tour_img_007