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The Frog Classroom goes to the Mangrove Forest!

We recently held a Frog Classroom on Google Hangouts where 270 students and 18 teachers from 18 schools across the country had the opportunity to virtually join us on a trip to a Mangrove Forest!


FrogAsia’s Juin with Dato Tee Peng, owner of Eagle Tour

This special session was in partnership with WWF, EagleTour and Edu2U. We also had with us  on Hangout, a WWF expert, Ms Suhaina Zakaria who graduated from University Malaysia Terengganu in Marine Biology. Students from different schools had excitedly done their research on life in the mangrove forest and came up with a total of 135 questions to ask Ms Zakaria before the Hangout. Ms Zakaria managed to answer 55 of them throughout the hour-long Frog Classroom from her office at Setiu, Terengganu.


One of the schools who participated in the hangout , SJK(C) Keng Chee

Some of the questions that our curious students asked during the session were “How big can an eagle get?” (Up to 3 meters or 5 to 6 feet long, depending on species), “What will happen if the mangrove forest disappears?” (There’ll be no more seafood, prone to bigger impact of tsunami), “Can we eat mangrove trees?” (Yes) and “How is mangrove tree useful? Does it have any medical benefits?” (Can be used as charcoal, for wood product, food, and medicine. Has been used to treat epilepsy).


Ms Sivajothi and her students from SK Jalan Selangor 1, all excited to be part of a Frog Classroom at the mangrove forest!

Even though it was the exam period for the secondary schools, we also had 9 secondary schools join us in between their exams!

Watch the full session in the video below!


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