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Through the 1BestariNet project, FrogAsia brings the future of education to every student, teacher and parent in Malaysia. Combining high-speed 4G internet access, a world class learning platform, and access to ‘best-in-class’ resources and technology, Malaysia is the first country in the world to bring its entire education community together on a single converged network designed specifically to meet the needs of teaching and learning.

About the job

As we define the scope of our Education team, here are 3 primary criteria that we are looking at in candidates:

– Able to provide innovative research and insights into current and future educational best practices informed by robust assessment tools.

– Able to influence and empower stakeholders on innovative solutions in their current practices towards achieving education transformation.

– Able to equip stakeholders with knowledge, skills, and abilities that enables optimal performance in educational transformation.

There are multiple positions offered and the years of working experience that we are looking for ranges from a minimum of 4 and up to 20 years.


Your Requirements

1) Knowledge of the Malaysian educational system.

2) Previous experience of working with teachers.

3) A passion and knowledge for how technology can be used to improve pedagogy.

4) At least 2 years’ experience of creating adult learning modules from requirements capture through to delivery and evaluation using a recognized instructional design system e.g. ADDIE, SAM.

5) Excellent verbal and written skills in BM and English.

6) Ideally a degree, diploma or its equivalent.

7) Comfortable project managing a project and able to work independently.

8) Able to manage multiple projects at once and prioritise appropriately.

9) Able to communicate and collaborate well with others in order to determine requirements and manage changing demands.

10) Able to identify problems and generate appropriate solutions.

11) Able to think creatively and apply new trends in instructional design to existing and new projects.

12) Previous experience of delivering training to others and excellent presentation skills.

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