What are Community Quizzes?

Available to: Teachers, Frog Admin.

Community Quizzes is a repository of thousands of quizzes created by teachers. With this feature, teachers can share quizzes to the Community Quiz area, and access quizzes that have been made by other teachers from across the country. Teachers can also make these quizzes available to students as part of Sites, Assignments, or revision using FrogPlay.

Accessing and Reviewing Community Quizzes

To access and review Community Quizzes, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on FrogDrive on the Frog Bar.
  2. Click on Quizzes on the FrogDrive menu.
  3. Click on Community Quizzes to view all the available quizzes.
  4. Use the filters at the top of the FrogDrive window to find quizzes by Year, Subject or name.
  5. To view the quiz, click on the View button.

Using Community Quizzes in Lessons, Homework or Revision

Community Quizzes can be used in several ways:

  • Assign: Create an assignment containing the selected quiz.
  • Use in new Site: Create a new Site containing the selected quiz.
  • Enable for students: Makes the selected quiz available to students in FrogPlay to enable them to take the quiz at any time for revision.
  • Duplicate quiz: Make a copy of the quiz that you can edit and modify.

To access the above options, click on a quiz, and click on the Actions menu to use the selected quiz.

Part 1: Publishing a quiz to the community

To make your quizzes available to all other teachers, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on FrogDrive on the Frog Bar.
  2. Click on Quizzes on the FrogDrive menu.
  3. Click on My Quizzes to view the quizzes that belong to you.
  4. Click on the Actions menu to access publishing options.
  5. Click ‘Publish to community’.

Note: Your quiz must be published to your school before it can be published it to the Community.

Once the quiz has been published to the school, the ‘publish to community’ option is now available.

Once a quiz has been published to the community, teachers from across the country can view your published quiz in the Community Quizzes area.    

Part 2: Enabling published quizzes for your students

Using the new Community Quizzes tab, Teacher B is now able to view the quiz that Teacher A has published to the community.

Teacher B will also have the following options available:

  • Assign – Create a new assignment for your students with the selected quiz
  • Use in new site – Create a new site with the selected quiz. You can use the quiz widget on your site to link your selected quizzes)   
  • Enable for students – This feature makes your selected quizzes visible to all students in your school via FrogPlay.  
  • Duplicate quiz –  Create a duplicate of the selected quiz.

Quizzes made available in a particular school will be indicated with a check mark their ‘Enabled’ column under FrogDrive.

2.1 Share functionality

The share feature allows teachers to identify which quizzes are the most popular within the Community. Popular quizzes have a higher count and this increases each time a teacher enables a quiz.  The number of shares can be a good indication of a reasonably decent quiz which, in turn, allows teachers to quickly navigate to potentially desirable quizzes.

Part 3: Accessing the community quiz through FrogPlay

Students can access the enabled quizzes quizzes by navigating to the quiz selection window in FrogPlay.  A community quiz can be distinguished from other quizzes since it showcases both the original author’s as well as the original school name in the quiz details.


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