What is Boost?

Available to: Frog Admin, Teachers and Students
Boost is a Frog Application containing hundreds of curriculum aligned, subject based credible Sites. Boost Sites are built by award winning teachers with the baseline of resources from credible FrogAsia partners such as Pelangi publishing group. While students can access and download Boost Sites directly, teachers can also share or assign Boost Sites to students.

Accessing and Adding Boost Sites

To access and download Boost Sites, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Quick Launch on the Frog Bar.
  2. Click on Boost on the Quick Launch menu to view all the Boost Sites. 
  3. Use the filters at the top of the Boost window to find Sites by Year, Subject, theme/skills or curriculum standards.
  4. Search for specific Boost sites using the Search Bar or use the Sort option to sort your results based on ‘Curriculum Standards’, ‘Download Count’ or ‘Most Recent’ options. 
  5. To view your chosen Sites, click on the View button.
  6. Preview and navigate through screenshots of the Site using navigation arrows.
  7. Click ‘Add’ to add the Boost Site.
  8. Read the first time notification guide on where to find the added Site.
  9. Click OK
  10. Your selected Boost Site will be open automatically.

Note: Select “Don’t show this again” option if you do not wish to see the guide page again.

Re-adding a Boost Site

If you wish to add a Boost Site more than once:

  1. Click ‘Added’ in the Boost window to preview the Site.
  2. In the copy notification select ‘Create duplicate’.
  3. A new copy of the Boost Site will be automatically opened.


Find and open an Added Boost Site

To find a Boost Site you’ve already added to your Sites:

  1. Click on Quick Launch on the Frog Bar.
  2. Click on Sites icon from the Quick Launch menu.
  3. Locate the Boost Site under the My Site section.

Note: Alternatively you can find the already added Boost Site under Site> Academic> Year and subject folder.

Using Boost Sites in Lessons, Homework or Revision

Boost Sites can be used in several ways for teachers and students to strengthen their teaching and learning.

Students can:

  • Add Boost Sites to “My Site” and open the Boost Sites to learn from and do Quizzes.

Teachers can use Boost Sites the same way they use other Frog Sites to teach. Teachers can:

  • Assign: Create an assignment from the Boost Sites.
  • Share: Share the Boost Sites with students, other teachers or on the web.
  • Duplicate: Make a copy of the Boost Site.
  • Edit: Edit a Boost Site to customize them for students’ learning.

To access the above options:

1- open Boost Sites from ‘My Site’ and click on ‘share’ menu OR

2- Click on the Drop down menu on the Frog Bar, click Share/Assign .