Calendar – Basics


What is the Calendar?

Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

This is your personal Calendar that allows you to keep track of all your events and appointments. Your calendar is private by default although it can be shared with others when required.
Extra calendars can be created and shared either publicly or privately. These can be colour coded to make identification easier. These may be for co-curricular activities or special events. Additional information may be attached to events and bookings such as location, invitees and notes.

How to Create a Calendar Entry

Click on Quick Launch on the Frog Bar and click Calendar.
There are two ways to create a new entry:
1. In the Calendar window click on the date and time that your entry starts and then drag until you reach the point that the entry ends.
2. Click the New button in the top left corner.
In the New Event area type the name of the entry.
 H2CaCE_5 To enter a specific time for your entry, click the Starts Ends panel.
 H2CaCE_6 If you are creating an all-day event click the All Day Check Box.
 H2CaCE_7 Set the start time and the end time of your entry using the drop down menus.
 H2CaCE_8 When finished click the OK button to return to the New Event area.
If you are creating an entry that occurs regularly, you may want to use the Repeats feature. This automatically creates a recurring entry into your calendar at predetermined intervals.
 H2CaCE_9 To create a recurring entry, click the Repeats area.
 H2CaCE_10 Use the drop down menu to select how often you want the entry to reoccur.


 H2CaCE_8 When finished, click the OK button to return to the New Event area.
 H2CaCE_11 To specify an end date for the recurring entry, click End Repeat.
 H2CaCE_12 Click the small H2CaCE_13 button to display the calendar. Choose a date from the calendar for the entry to stop reoccurring.
 H2CaCE_14 Ensure the correct end date is displayed in the Date box.
 H2CaCE_8 Click the OK button to return to the New Event area.
 H2CaCE_15 Click on the Create Event button to add the event in your calendar.

How to Delete a Calendar Entry

Double click on the entry in your calendar to see the entry details. Click the red Delete button to permanently remove the entry.
Note: This will also remove any invitations and notifications from other users’ calendars that have been invited.
HTDCEntry002 A confirmation box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Click Delete to continue.
Calendar_del_confirmation_recurring_3 If deleting a recurring entry a different confirmation box will be displayed. Click Delete this to only delete the entry or Delete all to delete all recurring entries.

How to Use Your Calendar

Bagaimana Menggunakan Kalendar Anda

Memperkenalkan Kalendar Anda

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