School Dashboard Widgets

2014-07-01_1549 In the Content Panel click on the Widgets tab.
2014-07-01_1603 You will now see all of the Widgets that are available to you as a Frog Admin user. Each Widget is identified by its unique name and icon.
A Widget is an application that allows content to be displayed to the viewer. This is achieved by simply dragging each Widget into an active container box on a page and configuring its settings. Multiple Widgets can be used within a page.
It is important to remember that a Widget can only display content that you have asked it to do so. For most Widgets you must input the information that you wish it to display before it will show any content.
2014-02-19_1801 MoE RSS Feed. This widget displays the feed produced by the MoE which broadcasts up to date educational information. There are no settings for this Widget.
2014-08-14_1637 School Notices.  This allows you to update the school with important news and to inform staff, pupils and parents about up and coming events.

How to Add a Widget

2014-07-01_1549 In the Content Panel click on the Widgets tab.
Select a Widget and drag it into an active container box on the Dashboard. Ensure the box underneath turns blue before releasing the widget.
Double clicking on the icon or active area displays the settings for the Widget.
Note: Some Widgets may not display any settings when double clicked. This is because there are no user settings available for that Widget.
htaaq006 After adding information into the settings panel click the Save Changes button to save the page.
htaaq007 Click the X button to close the Content Panel.

How to Update the School Notices

As a Frog Admin user you will be regularly updating the School Notices that appear on the School Dashboard.  You can update these with important notices, up and coming events or general school information.
To update the School Notices you will need to drag the School Notices widget from the Content Panel onto the School Dashboard.
 htutsn_002 There are 4 different tabs to choose from: Sekolah, Akademik, Kokuriculum and Hem. Clicking on the tabs displays the different notices.
To add a notice, double click on the Notice Board and then enter your notice directly on the page.
Use the editing functions on the left to change the format of the text or to add images to the notice.
Click on each Tab in turn to add or edit the other notices.
 UpdatingtheSchoolNotices_6 Click the Save Changes button to save the notices.
 UpdatingtheSchoolNotices_7 Click the X button to close the Content Panel.
Your School Notices will now be updated and can now be seen by the whole school.

How to Edit the School Dashboard

Bagaimana Mengedit Dashboard Sekolah

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