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Share photos, Sites and documents using the new Frog Timelines. Frog Timelines allows parents and teachers to give feedback and monitor student activity and gives students a valuable area to get encouragement and helpful feedback.



Photo Stream Widget
To work alongside the Site Timelines widget is the Photo Stream widget. This widget allows the sharing of images with students, teachers and parents in a gallery style view.



The MarkBook is a new feature in the Assignments app that allows teachers to review the performance of students in a particular group. See which students require extra support at a glance or monitor students who are showing improvement.


Shared Folders

You can now privately share files, folders and sites with another user with the introduction of shared folders. Teachers now have a collaborative workspace called ‘Shared with Me’, great for project work and peer to peer collaboration.


Mathematics Equations E

An equations editor has been added to the Text widget so you can create mathematical formula into your sites to help teachers conduct better lessons.


Site Rules

Using Site Rules, it is possible to hide pages and widgets making them only visible to certain people and/or on certain dates. Pages can be hidden and then revealed using the new “link to page” option in the Text editor.



Students can download Sites from FrogStore

Students can now search through a library of ready made sites and learning resources in the FrogStore and add them to their own personal library in the Frog VLE for their own revision and learning.



Enhanced Analytics

Get deeper and greater insight as to how the Frog VLE is being used in your school. The Analytics application has been redesigned and now includes much more detailed filters to get better information.



Creating and Publishing Sites

You can now build Frog Sites and publish them as websites on the Internet using the Frog VLE’s drag and drop tools! Make your Frog Site viewable to anyone on the web with the new ‘Public on the web’ option and share it with anyone!



Moderation of Forums and Walls 

Moderation allows teachers to review any comments, posts and topics submitted to ensure they are appropriate before allowing them to be visible to all users. Teachers have the option to “Show/Hide all posts” or “Show to Others” certain posts only.



System Preferences

The new System Preferences allows you to manage your school’s VLE more effectively. Options include the ability to add and remove dashboards, control the file types users can use and the managing of refreshing the timelines.

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New Features_October2014


Hop-In 140


Say hello to FrogAcademy, an online space for assignments and revision made more engaging with game-based learning. FrogAcademy is designed to complement the Frog VLE by bringing learning from the classroom into the home. With FrogAcademy, you
will also find all your FrogStore content, Frog Sites and news in one easy-to-access, central online library!

To learn more, please visit frogasia.com/frogacademy


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Hop-In 140 Hop In (Note: This link now directs you to FrogAcademy – October 2014)All users will find this new icon in their Quick Launch menu. Clicking the icon opens the Hop In portal, a one-stop dashboard
that links to Frog and 1BestariNet related services in one page. To find out more click if you are a Teacher Student or
Parent.Please note: Activation of your 1BestariNet ID is required before this icon will appear in the Quick Launch menu. To learn more about activating your 1BestariNet
ID when logging into the Frog VLE, click here.


User SearchAvailable to the Frog Admin, this useful feature allows you to quickly search for Students, Teachers and Parents by specifying either their Name, Yes ID (username), I.C. Number or Birth Certificate
(Students only). Click here to find out more.
Export_button_location ExportThe Export users feature (available to the Frog Admin) now includes teacher information as well as a column for Activated Yes ID’s. Click here to find out more.
Verify_location_button_001 School CodeThe School Code is now displayed when clicking on the Verify button in the Users application (Available to the Frog Admin). Useful when using Transfer Out Request. Click here to find out more.
New Features-Dec13

Agreement Report

Agreement ReportThis new application allows the Frog Admin user to view which uses of the Frog VLE have accepted the Frog Acceptable Use Agreement and Personal Data Protection Policy. Click here to find out more.

Learning Styles Report

Learning Styles Report FilterThe Learning Styles Report now allows teachers to filter results by class. Click here to find out more.
Flash FilesThe Media Widget now plays flash files (.swf & .flv). These files use vector graphics combined with program code which allows them to be smaller. This popular format can now be played directly
within the Frog VLE.
New Features-Oct13
Update_Class_Button_Location Update ClassThis useful feature allows the Frog Admin to transfer a group of users from one form or class to another. Click here to find out more or if you prefer you can watch the video.
Transfer_Out_Request_Location Transfer Out RequestThe Frog Admin can now send a request to a school asking them to transfer a user out of their Frog VLE. Click here to find out more or if you prefer you can watch the video.
Reset_Password_Location Reset PasswordThere has been some slight changes in the way the Frog Admin Resets a Password. Click here to find out more.
Reset_Password_Location Enable/Disable UserThere has been some slight changes in the way the Frog Admin Enables or Disables users. Click here to find out more.
ENDIS_User_Location Transfer UserThere has been some slight changes in the way the Frog Admin Transfers users In and Out of the Frog VLE. Click here to find
out more.
ENDIS_User_Location Yes ID ActivatedA ‘Yes ID Activated’ column has been added to the Users application. The Frog Admin can now see if users have activated their Yes ID at a glance.
New Features Video
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