How to Open an Assignment

When an assignment is issued by your teacher, you will receive a message in your notifications panel.  The notifications icon displays the number of unread messages you have.
1. Click on the Notifications panel, and then click on the description relating to the assignment.
2. You will then be directed to the Assignments application window.
All open assignments will be listed here, so you may have to click the Next button to find the one referred to in the notification. The date in the Issue column indicates the date the teacher sent the assignment to you. The date in the Due column indicates when the assignment is due.
Moving the cursor over the assignment title will display the instructions your teacher has issued for that assignment.
Assignments that have been submitted (completed) have a green tick next to them and can no longer be changed.

3. To open an assignment, click on the assignment name.

4. You will now see the Site that the teacher used for the assignment. 
If the activity does not appear upon opening, you may need to click on one of the page tabs to find the assignment activities. 

How to Complete a Text Activity

The Text Activity is a textbox that displays the instructions in the panel above. You must enter your answers directly into the text box below.  If you receive a Text Activity as part of an assignment, follow the steps below:
1. Read  the question at the top of the Text Activity window.  Then enter your text into the text box below. Use the Text Editor Features to assist in formatting your answer.
2. Highlighted text can be formatted by clicking on the formatting buttons above.
3. Once you have entered all the information into the text box, it is important to click on the Submit Activity button located underneath the text box. At this point the teacher will be able to see that you have started the Text Activity section of the assignment.

How to Complete a File Drop Activity

The File Drop activity allows you to upload files as part of an assignment that your teacher has set for you. Depending on the settings set by the teacher you can view your own uploads or the files uploaded by your group. Your teacher may also allow you to delete your own files once you have uploaded them.

1. In your assignment or lesson Site, begin by reading the question(s) above the File Drop window.

2. Once your file is ready to be submitted, click on the
Upload button. This will launch the File Uploader.

3. Click on the blue
Choose Files button to select a file from your computer to upload.

4. Now choose the file you wish to submit from your computer. Click Open to upload the file.

5. When your file has finished uploading the status indicator will turn green. If you have multiple files to upload click on the Choose Files button again. Click the
Done button when finished.

6. Once you have uploaded your files, click on the htcafdans006
 button. At this point your teacher will see that you have completed the File Drop section of the assignment.
Note: If you close the assignment window now you will not have fully completed the assignment, so your teacher cannot see or mark your work. You can, however, come back to the assignment at a later time to modify or add further files.

How to Complete a SCORM Activity

The SCORM activity is an interactive animated activity that offers you a series of challenges or questions. If you receive a SCORM activity as part of an assignment, follow the steps below.
1. To launch the SCORM activity click on the SCORM widget on the page. The SCORM Player will play in a new browser window.

2. Once the SCORM activity is complete, click on the Frog VLE browser tab to return to the Frog VLE.

How to Complete a Quiz Activity

1. To run the Quiz, simply click on the Launch Quiz button on the page.
2. When completed the quiz may or may not display your score depending on the quiz settings.

How to Complete an Assignment

1. To submit an assignment, click on the Complete Assignment button in the Frog Bar.

2. If asked, you must complete the
Self Evaluation to assess your understanding of the task or question that has been given to you.

3. You may also choose to write comments in support of your self-evaluation. Type your  comments into the
Your Comments box.

4. Finally, click on the
Complete button to submit your assignment. Your work will be sent to the teacher for marking and you can no longer make any further changes.

How Students Complete an Assignment

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