How to Change the Colour of a Booking Item

htctcoabi1 To make identifying booking calendars easier each calendar can have its own colour. Click on the small white arrow at the end of a calendar in the Booking Items section.
bchtdabi2 Select Set Colour from the options menu to launch the colour picker.
Choose a colour from the colour picker. Clicking on the small squares of colour will add it to the New panel.
Click OK to accept the changes and update the calendar colour.

How to Create a Booking Item

Booking items are resources that can be booked within the school. These items can be for rooms (hall, computer labs etc.) or equipment (projectors, TV etc.). Each resource will need its own booking item creating.
By default the Booking Calendar application does not contain any items. These will need to be added before teachers begin using the VLE. The Frog Admin user is the only user authorised to create them.
 QL_Admin_Booking_Calendar To create a booking item click on Quick Launch in the Frog Bar and click Booking Calendar.

With the Booking Calendar open, navigate to the Booking Items section at the bottom left of your screen.
 HowtoCreateBookingItems_3 Click on the Add button to add a new item to the Booking Calendar.
 HowtoCreateBookingItems_4 Type in the name and description of the new item. For example: computer lab, projector, TV, meeting room etc.

 HowtoCreateBookingItems_5 Click on the Item type drop down menu to select the category of the resource. You have a choice of either Room or Equipment depending on the item to be added.

 HowtoCreateBookingItems_6 Once you have completed naming the item, click on the Create Item button.

The new item will now appear in the Booking Items list.
 HowtoCreateBookingItems_7 To add more items simply repeat this process for the rest of the bookable items in your school.

How to Delete a Booking Item

bchtdabi1 Click the small white arrow on the resource calendar to delete.
From the menu that appears, select  Booking Item Settings from the list. This displays information about the selected calendar such as its name, description, type and owner.  
Click on the Delete button to remove the selected resource calendar.
A message will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to delete the selected booking item. To confirm, type yes (lowercase) and press Enter.
The booking item will now be deleted.

How to Create Booking Items

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