What is the Booking Calendar?

Available to: Teachers, Frog Admin.

The Booking Calendar allows you to book any rooms or resources that are available in your school. If you have made a room/resource booking, the Frog VLE will not allow anyone else to book that room/resource at that time and date.
As new rooms or resources become available the Frog Admin can simply add them to the Booking Calendar. Each room or resource calendar can be colour coded to make identification easier.

How to book a Resource

Click on Quick Launch on the Frog Bar and click Booking Calendar.
In the Booking Items window click on the small white arrow that appears at the end on the resource name.
Select Create Booking for this Item from the menu.
In the New Event area, enter what purpose the resource is being booked for.
Set the start and end time for the booking. Click on the Starts/Ends area to change the default time.
In the Event Start & End area enter the start and end times you would like to book the resource between. If you would like the resource all day check the All Day checkbox.
When finished click OK to continue.
Click Create Booking to confirm the booking.

Overview of the Booking Calendar

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