How to Change a Calendar Colour

htctcc001 To make identifying entries in your calendars easier each calendar can have its own colour. Click on the small white arrow at the end of your calendar in the My Calendars section.
htctcc002 Select Set Colour from the options menu to launch the colour picker.
htctcc003 Choose a colour from the colour picker. Clicking on the small squares of colour will add it to the New panel.
htctcc004 Choose a colour from the colour picker. Clicking on the small squares of colour will add it to the New panel.
htctcc005 The calendar will now be displayed in your new colour.

How to Create a Calendar

To create a new calendar click on the Add button in the My Calendars section.
 htcac002 Enter a name for your new calendar.
 htcac003 Enter a brief description of the calendar. This will appear as a tool tip when someone places their cursor over the calendar in the list. (This is optional)
 htcac004 In the Calendar Availability drop down menu select the access rights for the new calendar. The options are:
Restricted: This means that only you can view and make changes to this calendar.
Public: Every user of the VLE can view the calendar.
Shared: Only those specified can view or edit the calendar.
 htcac005 Click on Create Calendar.
The new calendar will now appear in your My Calendars list. You are the owner of this calendar and you are the only one who can delete it.

How to Share a Calendar

To share a calendar, click on the small arrow on your selected calendar.
Select Calendar Settings from the options menu.
In the Share this Calendar section, click on the Invite people to share this calendar button.
htsac004 In the search box enter the name of the person to share your new calendar with.
htsac005 To share to a group enter the name of the group and click the Groups tab.
htsac006 Click on the Add button to add them to the list.
htsac007 The selected user or group will appear in the list on the right.
htsac008 Click OK to continue.
The added users or groups will now appear at the bottom of the calendar settings. Use the drop down menu on the right to set the users access rights. The choices are:
Read: Users will only be able to read your calendar.
Admin: Users can make and delete entries, change colours and sharing permissions.
htsac010 Click OK to share your calendar.
Your calendar is now being shared.

How to Delete a Calendar

It is possible to delete a calendar that you no longer require. A calendar can only be deleted by the user who created it.
Warning: Deleting a calendar will remove all the events in the calendar and this cannot be undone. If it is a shared calendar, other users may be linking to it in one of their sites or dashboards.
To delete a calendar, click on the small arrow on the selected calendar in the My Calendars section.
 htdac002 Click on Calendar Settings.
 htdac003 And then click on the Delete button.
 htdac004 As an extra precaution, you must now type in the word yes in the box and then press Enter.
The calendar and all the events stored in it will now be deleted.

How to Use Your Calendar

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