What are Forums?

Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.
The Forums area displays the School Forum. This is a forum for the whole school and is visible by both teachers and students.
Discussion forums can be created for group discussions regarding school specific topics, allowing users to add their own views and see other forum users’ contributions. Data is historic and date stamped so at any point as a teacher you can go back and check what has been said, and by whom. The Frog Admin controls all the topic and access settings of the School Forum.

What does a Discussion Forum do?

A discussion forum is an online discussion page where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. The user creating the forum can ask a question (known as a Topic) for others to respond to (known as a Post). The creator can also allocate a period of time a response can be edited or deleted after it has been posted.
Instead of creating questionnaires try creating a forum topic instead. As well as being more dynamic and engaging it is also a great way of saving paper and cutting down expensive printing costs. Having pupils contribute their opinions on a forum is quicker and more efficient than distributing and collecting a paper based questionnaire.

How to Create a Discussion Forum

Bagaimana Menghasilkan Sebuah Forum Perbincangan

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