What is Discover?

Discover is a quick search tool for content. It pulls content from My Library (after it is added through the FrogStore) as well as from the Internet (through Flickr and YouTube).
Discover can be accessed either from the Quick Launch menu or from within several Widgets within the Frog platform. These include the Media, Link to File and the External Link Widgets. Discover can also be accessed when adding media items to a quiz such as images and videos.

Using Discover

There are many ways to use Discover. It can be launched directly from the Quick Launch menu or from within any of the Widgets that allow you to add media into your Dashboard or site. Launching Discover from the Quick Launch menu allows you to browse and save content to your Pinboard for later use.

How to Add a Video or Image Using Discover

Select the Media Widget and drag it onto your page. Make sure the Layout Box turns blue before you release the Widget.
Double click on the Layout Box to display the settings for the Media Widget.

Type the name of the media you are searching for into the Search Discover bar.


Click on the Discover icon to search for videos and images.

Discover will now appear on your screen. It may take a few moments to complete the search.
Choose an image or video from those displayed. Add the image or video to your page by clicking on the green Use button.
The image or video will now be added.

You can change the size of the image or video using the Media Size drop down menu.


Click on the Save Changes button to save your page.


Click on the X button to close the panel.

What is the Difference between the FrogStore and Discover?

ppi FrogStore searches a multitude of curated, best in class content. Use the FrogStore when looking for great-quality content from the top education providers.
ppi2 Discover searches all items in My Library as well as the Internet. Use Discover if you are looking for a quick piece of content. If you can’t find anything in Discover, then search for more content through the FrogStore

Introduction to Discover


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