What is the FrogStore?

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

Apple has the App Store, and Frog has the FrogStore! The FrogStore is the world’s first online teaching & learning marketplace giving seamless access to ‘best in class’ education content, products and services to enhance every child’s learning journey.
The FrogStore is available to teachers, students and parents directly through their Frog VLE. All users can also access the FrogStore via the YES 1BestariNet Portal (www.yes.my) or via the FrogAsia website (frogasia.com). Content obtained by parents through the FrogStore can be gifted to a child and assimilated into the VLE automatically for your child to start using in their school.
The FrogStore brings the very best in digital educational content into one searchable on-line portal. Browse through our library of hundreds of digital books; adding those that you want to read to your Bookshelf. Make your sites even more exciting and engaging by searching our extensive video and image libraries for the most cutting-edge multimedia content. So, why spend hours searching the internet for the latest educational content when you can just search the FrogStore?

Navigating Around the FrogStore

The FrogStore has been designed to be as intuitive and simple to navigate as possible. The main features are shown below.

FrogStore Content Categories

To make finding content easier the FrogStore menu has been split into content categories. These are:
To make finding content easier the FrogStore menu has been split into content categories. These are:
Books:  Browse through a library of hundreds of digital books. When added to your Library, digital books can be viewed from within your Frog VLE via the Bookshelf or from My Library in FrogAcademy.
Media:  Browse through specially selected videos, images, themes, audio files and documents. Being supplied by the world’s most respected educational institutions such as Ted Ed, Khan Academy and Edutopia, these are all of good standard and are suitable for educational use.
Devices:  View a range of the latest technology on offer.
Sites:  Search through a library of readymade sites for you to use for yourself. Once you select a site it can be added to your own My Library where it can then be copied to your My Sites area.
Apps:  Access the leading educational applications for your VLE.
FrogCredits:  FrogCredits are normally earned by students completing homework or revision tasks, however, additional ones can also be purchased here. FrogCredits are used to add features and accessories to Avatars.
Question Banks:  Purchase your question banks here. Question banks allow students to complete activities in FrogAcademy which, in turn, allow them to earn extra FrogCredits.
Resources:  This category offers you the best bookmarks and links found on the web to help make teaching and learning more effective.
Collections:  Browse content from specific content providers by channel. Selected content providers have their own channels displaying their best educational content.
Channels:  Browse content from specific content providers by channel. Selected content providers have their own channels displaying their best educational content.

Items of particular interest are listed here. You will also see them when viewing in their associated category indicated as having a ‘Featured’ ribbon on their preview image.

FrogStore Picks

This area of the homepage displays individual items recommended by FrogAsia.

How to Use Search

The main search bar in the main home page of the FrogStore allows you to search through all areas of the FrogStore.
To start searching, type what you are looking for in the search box.
Any items that match the search will be listed from all categories. From this Search Results page, you now have the option to refine your search further by selecting an options from the drop down boxes.
Note: Only options become available in a drop down menu if results have been found for that category.
You can make a selection from more than one menu and when you have made your selection click Go.
Only those matching the refined search will be shown. If you would like to use that item for yourself, click the +Add button.
The item will be added to your My Library area.

What is My Library?

When you add or purchase content from the FrogStore it is automatically added to your My Library area. Once these items are added, they become accessible from your VLE. Items such as videos, books and Apps can be launched from within the My Library itself. Click on the My Library Icon to open the My Library in a separate tab in your browser.
The item count indicator will display the current amount of items you have in each section.
Note: For further help on My Library, please refer to the My Library section in FrogAcademy.

Most Popular

Most Popular displays a list of the most popular items in the FrogStore. This is calculated by how many times a particular item has been picked by other users.
Clicking on the name in the list displays the item in the main window.


Selected educational institutions have their own channels within the FrogStore. Clicking on the name of a particular institution displays only their content within the channel. This allows you to browse content only from that particular content provider.
 Select Channels from the FrogStore menu.
Select a provider from the list.
Browse through their content library. Add items to My Library.

Introduction to FrogStore

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