How to Use the Bookshelf

 Teacher_QL_Bookshelf Click on Quick Launch and then click on the Bookshelf icon.
The Bookshelf will display any digital books that have been added to My Library in the FrogStore. If you have not yet added any books your Bookshelf will be empty.
To add or remove a book, click on the FrogStore button. The FrogStore contains hundreds of digital books that can be added to your Bookshelf. The management (adding and deleting) of digital books is completed in the My Library area of the FrogStore.
When you have added a book from the FrogStore and returned to the Bookshelf, you may need to click the refresh button to update the books displayed on the shelf.
Clicking on a book will open a pop up window.
Next, click on the Read Book button.
To turn the pages of the book, click on the page forward/backward buttons. Alternatively, click on the book and drag the pages backwards and forwards.
To view a thumbnail view of the complete book, click the Page Preview button.
Click on a page to display it in the digital book reader.
The page in the main viewing area will now display the selected pages.
Clicking on right or left edge of a page will flip it to reveal the next page.
When finished, click the X in the window bar to close the reader and return to the Bookshelf.

Introduction to the Bookshelf


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