What is My Documents?

Available to: Teachers, Students and Frog Admin.

The My Documents area is your own personal file storage area. Any files uploaded to this area remain private and are inaccessible to other users. The My Documents area reduces the need to carry USB storage devices as you can upload and download files from the VLE from anywhere and at any time.

How to Upload Files

Begin by clicking on the FrogDrive icon in the Frog Bar. This will open the FrogDrive.
mds003 In the left side of the FrogDrive click on My Documents.
Click on the blue Add button and select File.
mdbasicstu006 Click on the blue Choose Files button to select a file from your computer to upload. Multiple files can be selected sequentially and uploaded together.
mdbasicstu007 You can also select a file by dropping a file into the area marked ‘Drag and drop your files here’   Note: This feature is not available in Internet Explorer
mdbasicstu008 When your file has finished uploading the status indicator will turn green and a green tick will appear.
mdbasicstu009 Click the Done button to return back to the FrogDrive
Your uploaded file will now be displayed.

How to Copy a File

Highlight the file to be copied.
Click on the Actions menu and select Copy.
Your copied file will now appear.
Copied files can be identified by having number added at the end of their filename.

How to Delete a File

Highlight the file to be deleted.
Click on the Actions menu and select Delete.
You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the file. Click Delete Resource to confirm.
Your file will now be deleted.

How to Create a Folder

Click the Add button and select Folder.
Type the name of the folder into the text box underneath.
Click off the folder to allow the name to be applied.
Your folder is now ready to use. Double click on the folder to open.
Note: To re-name a folder, click on the folder name. Your folder will then allow a new name to be entered.

How to Delete a Folder

To delete a folder, first click on the folder once to select it.
Click the Actions drop down menu and select Delete.
You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the folder. Click Delete Resource to confirm.
Your folder will now be deleted.
Note: All the files contained inside the folder will also be deleted.

How to Create a Folder and Upload Files

Bagaimana Menghasilkan Folder dan Memuat Naik Fail

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