What is the School Dashboard?

Available to: Teachers, Students, Parents and Frog Admin.

The School Dashboard displays notices and information vital to the smooth running of the school. Here you can view noticeboards, images, videos and download important files.
It also contains an MoE RSS feed to keep you informed of any education news or information that is of interest to schools and teachers. This feed also displays regional JPN/PPD RSS feeds.
Note: The School Dashboard is managed by the Frog Admin.

How to Edit the School Dashboard

As a Frog Admin user your role will include updating your School Dashboard with information that needs to be communicated to the whole school. This can be something as simple as adding a new school notice or you might want to post a video from the latest school concert.
Note: Please note the entire School Dashboard is downloaded each time a user logs into the VLE. Adding too many widgets, may cause the VLE to become slow to load when logging in. It is better to use the External Link widget rather than the Embed Website widget on the School Dashboard. Before uploading an image to the Media Widget, check the size of the image; re-size the image to make it smaller if it is excessively large.
To start editing your School Dashboard you will need to log in with your Frog Admin user account and then switch to the school dashboard using the Dashboard Switch button at the top of your screen.
With the School Dashboard selected you must first click the Edit button on the left of your screen. This will release the Content Panel.
The Content Panel contains three options tabs. These are:
1 Page – This changes the amount and position of the content boxes on the page.
2014-08-19_1600 Settings – This allows you to change the name and the theme of the Dashboard.
hteydt011 Widgets – Widgets can be dragged into the columns on your page to add content such as text, videos and images.

How to Change the Settings

2014-08-19_1600 In the Content Panel click on the Settings tab.
2014-09-22_0922 To change the name of the Dashboard, enter the new name in the Name of Site box. This will automatically update the name of the School Dashboard at the top of the page.
To change the theme of the School Dashboard, select a new theme from the menu by clicking on the small arrow next to the theme. Once a new theme is selected this will automatically update the theme of the School Dashboard.

How to Change the Layout

2014-08-19_1600 In the Content Panel click on the Page tab.
hteydt006 Choose how many active container boxes you wish to include using the numbered buttons. You can choose between 1 and 4 boxes on a page.



hteydt008 Now choose how you would like the active container boxes to be displayed using the layout buttons. The position of the boxes is shown on each button. Clicking a layout will automatically update your page with the chosen position of boxes.


How to Edit the School Dashboard

Bagaimana Mengedit Dashboard Sekolah

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