What is School Documents?

Available to: Teachers, Students (read only) and Frog Admin.

As a Frog Admin user your role will include updating the School Documents area with files to be made available to the whole school. These may be (but not limited to) staff and student handbooks, policies, letters home or page templates. To ensure proper management all files should be categorised into clearly named folders. Loose files should not be allowed in this area.


The format of the files is up to you. They can be zip files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, mp4 videos or MP3 audio files.

Students have read only access to files in the School Documents area. This means that students can download any files stored here. Teachers have full access and can both add and delete files.

Note: The School Documents area is visible by both teachers and students. Do not use School Documents to store confidential information. When required, use the Use in new site function in the My Documents area to share files privately instead.

To access School Documents, Select FrogDrive in the Frog Bar.
Select Documents on the left.
Then select School Documents.
In the School Documents area it is best practice to always upload files directly into folders. This helps keep the School Documents area tidy and files easier to find.
If there are no folders in the School Documents area, it is recommended that you create a folder first.

How to Create a Folder

Click the Add button and select Folder.
When the new folder appears, type the name of the folder into the text box underneath.
Click off the folder or press [Enter] to allow the name to be applied.
Your folder is now ready to use. To re-name a folder, click on the folder name. Your folder will then allow a new name to be entered.
Double click on the folder to open it.
To exit out of the folder, double click on the Up folder. This will take you up a single level.
Note:You can add more folders including folders inside folders. When navigating through multiple levels of folders, you can click on the Navigation Trail to choose which folder to go back to.

How to Upload Files

Click on the blue Add button and then select File.

Click on the blue Choose Files button and select a file from your computer to upload. If required multiple files can be selected and uploaded together.


When you have located the file to be uploaded click on the file and then click Open. Your upload will begin immediately.


You can also select a file by dropping a file into the area marked ‘Drag and drop your files here’.

Note: This feature is not available in Internet Explorer.


Click the Done button to return back to the FrogDrive.

Your uploaded file will now be displayed.
Note: You can drag a file (or folder) into a folder by first clicking on it once to select it, and then by dragging and dropping it onto the folder icon.

How to Copy a File

Click once on the file to be copied.

Click on the Actions mydocst012 button and select Copy.

Your copied file will now appear next to the original file.
Copied files can be identified by having number added at the end of their filename i.e. _1.

How to Delete a File

Click once on the file to be deleted.

Click the Actions mydocst012 button and select Delete.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the file. Click Delete Resource to confirm.
Your file will now be deleted.

How to Delete a Folder

To delete a folder, first click on the folder once to be select it.

Click the Actions mydocst012 button and click on Delete.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the folder. Click Delete Resource to confirm.
Your folder will now be deleted.

How to Create a Folder and Upload Files


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