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Sharing Departmental Sites

Sharing Departmental Sites

Available to: Frog Admin

Part of the VLE setup process involves changing the access rights on each of the Departmental Sites. This is to allow the correct users permission to add content to them.  To view the Departmental Sites, click on the FrogDrive icon on the Frog Bar.
Select Applications.
And then double click on the Departmental Sites icon.
This will now display the Departmental Site.


By default, the 4 main departmental areas are editable only by Frog Admin users.
Each department site requires its own individual permissions setup. For example, inside the Maths and Science department are two subject sites – Mathematics and Science. These require sharing to the heads of each subject (or whoever has been designated to edit them). Once shared, the subject head is then authorised to allow editing permissions to whoever they decide.
Note: This process should be completed before teachers are given their login details.
Click on the department categories. For this example we will be using Sains dan Matematik.
After clicking on the selected Site, you will see the main page for Sains dan Matematik. By default it has two tabs – Laman Utama and Rangkaian Mata Pelajaran.
Click on the Rangkaian Mata Pelajaran tab to access the subject sites.
Click on the Sains icon to open the Site.
In order to allow other users to edit this site click on the Share button in the Frog bar.
The first screen gives you the option to add tags to the site. It is recommended that you do not add any tags at this stage. Click Next to continue.
In the Share window you will see a list of users (on the left) alongside their default access permissions (drop down menu on the right). To add a user, type in the name of the person in the Who has access text box.
After typing in part of the name, you will see a list of potential matches appearing below the text box. Choose from this list the name of the person who will be responsible for editing the Site (usually the head of the department).
Click on the Add button to add them to the list below.
You will now see that the person’s name has been added as a User. By default they will have ‘Can view’ access.
Click on the drop down button on the right hand side to change the users’ access permissions.
The drop down menu displays three access options. These are:
  • Can edit and manage – Users have the authority to edit and manage the Site.
  • Can contribute – Users can contribute to interactive areas such as post in forums, upload and download files, Polls, Forms, Quizzes etc.
  • Can view – Users can view the Site but are unable to edit, manage or contribute.

 Select Can edit & manage from the list. This setting gives the user full editing access to the Site.

Click on the blue Share button.  The user you have added can now edit and manage the Site.
Now repeat this exercise for the rest of the department sites. Each of the subject sites must be shared to the appropriate people within your school.
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